Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Man Alive", by Patrick Morley

"Man Alive". by Patrick Morley, is one book that every man should read.  Why you may ask?, well every man whether he wants to admit it or not has the 7 primal needs that are addressed in this eye opening book.  Like most men including the author of this work, may not have realized just how important the various things that we do as men are dependent upon how we feel or need to feel.  "Man Alive will transform you with each and every chapter.  
  What I especially liked about this book is the everyday way in which the author explained each need and also gave examples through life experiences, not only his own, but from the eyes and mouths of others he has come in contact.  "Man Alive is also set up as a study, so that small groups of men can form and go through this guide together.  Thus eliminating the feeling of abandonment that so often occurs when man thinks that he must go through his trials and tribulations alone.  Men, I must say that I now know that I am not alone.  Thank You Jesus for giving Patrick Morley the ideas and knowledge to write "Man Alive".  
  Before reading this book, I didn't think that I needed to work on my 7 primal needs.  Heck, I didn't even know I had these primal needs.  What "Man Alive" has done for me, is to open my eyes to what can be accomplished, through Jesus.  For this, I thank Patrick Morley for putting the opportunity out there for we men.  I'd also like to thank Blogging for Books and Multnomah Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.  It's sure to make a difference in the men who read and following the guidance provided in its pages.