Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“A Walk Through The Dark” by Eva Piper is the true story of her walk through the dark following her husband Don's severe car accident. It begins as she informed of his involvement in a accident while she is teaching her students. The story details all the surgeries, hospital stays, setbacks, injuries, and more that occur over the next years. Eva describes the day by day caretaking and gives much wisdom for caretakers and loved ones who are supporting a caretaker.  At this point I had to consider my own walk through the dark as I lost a family member.  Much of what Eva Piper was feeling did at times well up in me.
Eva must deal with all the decision making, which prior to the accident, was all left up to her husband  Don. Eva did discuss in length how her faith and prayer life was strengthened by the events of the accident and having to take over their household and lives and keep everything together.
Since reading this compelling story, I will probably  pick up Don's book now, to get the story from Don’s point of view.
I could tell she had some difficulty writing this story, but she did a wonderful job of explaining her thoughts and feelings with each step of the way.
Overall, the book was a quick, easy read as well as enjoyable.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank BookSneeze and Eva Piper for the opportunity to both read and review this story.  “A Walk Through The Dark”, by Eva Piper is a wonderful read with a compelling story.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Intential Walk", by Rob Rains

I have had the pleasure of reading a wonderful book about faith and commitment where one may not expect to find it.  "Intentional Walk", by Rob Rains, is a look inside the St. Louis Cardinals organization.  
  You will find testimonies, and life experiences related trough the written word from some of the most successful major league baseball players in the National League, as well as from management and support staff alike.  I must say that when I started reading this book, I wasn't sure what to expect.  What I found was a book I could use as a devotional, as Scripture was also utilized in each chapter.  The experiences and testimonies presented allowed me to get a better understanding of what God has in mind for each and every one of us, if only we listen.  
  Prayer Meetings, Bible Study and Chapel for the St. Louis Cardinals are normal functions of the team, not just a once and a while occurance.  
  As you read this book, you will hear from players like, 3rd Baseman David Freese and manager Mike Matheny, just to mention a couple, but there are many more team members and organization members from upper management all the way to support staff, and commentators.  
  This book is quite different from what we are currently seeing in the news and major league steriod use.  It will bring faith and God into the forefront of our thinking and lives.  At least this is my prayer.  As you read on you will also hear the testimonies of others such as Adam Wainwright, Lance Berkman, Matt Holliday and many more.  
  I'd like to thank Thomas Nelson/Booksneeze for the opportunity to both read and review this timely selection.  It is a wonderful read and I would strongly suggest it for any and all.  What we need is get closer to God, and this book just may be the catalyst to get us there.  
  Mind you, this is not a book about baseball but of faith and faith building.  Baseball is being utilized here.  "Intentional Walk", by Rob Rains is sure to make the best seller list in any and all Christian walks, and maybe, just maybe it will also make in the general public as well. I recommend this book for all.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Resurrection Year" by Sheridan Voysey

I have just had the pleasure of reading a story by Sheridan Voysey, entitled "Resurrection Year{".  This story is filled with ups and downs and it also includes a journey from where both Sheridan and Merryn, his wife think they have their lives planned out.  This is true of most people yet how much do we know what we should be doing in life.  
  "Resurrection Year" is a true story of just that type of journey with all the pitfalls and uplifting experiences and Sheridan and Merryn encounter.  In the case of these tow people, they want to have a child or maybe several children, only to find out that normal conception and birth is going to be difficult to say the least.  They decide on several episodes of IVF, again only to find out that this is not the option. Heartbroken and disoriented by the turn in their lives they must find a different direction in which to go.  
  Again, they do the route of adoption, only to find that this route to happiness is also prohibative.  As you can see from these little insights into this story, that there is a lot going on here.  How many times have any of us decided on what our lives would be like or what our career paths would be, without the counseltation of God?  And when we do consult Him, how do we listen for the answer?
  "Resurrection Year" is a must read.  It is the true story as Sheridan and Merryn Voysey have lived it.  You will find yourselves laughing, crying and rooting the outcomes beyond belief.  At the end of the book, you will also find a Notes section where you will find compelling questions and Scripture notations for the chapters.  
  Thank you to Thomas Nelson/Booksneeze for the oportuniity to read and review this selection.  I believe that it will soon become a best seller especially in the Christian realm.  Sheridan Voysey, I'd like to thank you and your wife Merryn for allowing we readers to experience your lives.  I loved the story and also the history of biblical times by allowing us to visit many places with you.  As noted on your book cover,"...a gift that will breathe life and hope into many." 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Moon Over Edisto", by Beth Webb Hart

Once they were one of the happiest families in the world.  They lived a carefree life , crabbing and fishing and lived on beautiful Edisto Island, in South Carolina.  Then something happened to break this family apart.  Now, Julia has her own life in Manhattan, a life that she has planned out, far from the pain and heartache of her childhood home.
Now Marney shows up asking her to come care for her children following her surgery, it seems unthinkable for Julia to agree. The emotions this would cause to go through this, must have been wild, and I can appreciate the way Julia handled the situation. She learned so much about herself and others in her family as she dealt with her past. I did keep wondering as I read when we would see Julia grow spiritually. There were several times I thought that was coming but it was not present in the book.  
This book was so enjoyable to read, and I recommend it to you if you are looking for a quick, easy read with a touching story.  “Moon Over Edisto”, by Beth Webb Hart is a gripping story, that is sure to captivate the reader.
I’d like to  thank  Thomas Nelson/BookSneeze for the opportunity to read and review “Moon Over Edisto, by Beth Webb Hart.  This read was a bit off of my usual genre, but I felt compelled to entranced throughout. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Judge", by R.J. Larson

"Judge" by R.J. Larson, is a wonderful young adult /teen story.  It begins with Kien Lantec a young man in the military about to take his first day of leave.  However The Infinite has other plans for him.  What Kien doesn't understand is that Ela  the Prophetess Parne has not been given this assignment.  
  Kien has many questions and he soon finds that Ela has also been tapped to try to save her own land.  
  This is a wonderful story of Good and Evil where the characters are charged with what could be considered formidable odds against them.  Along the way on each of thier journey's they are accompanied by their trusting Destroyers.  Animals so strong and furouscious no one can stop them.  These Destroyers and what you may call very protective of the owners.  
  Can Kien and Ela prevail against the dark?  You will have to read this wonderful selection in order to find oiut.  
  I like to take this opportunity to thank Bethany House publishing amd KJ. J. Larson for the chance to read and review this certain to be top notch novel.  Teens and Young Adults alike will "Judge",by R.J. Larson, captivating.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Deadline", by Randy Alcorn

Jake Woods,  goes out  to pick up pizza with his best friends, Doc and Finney. On the way back, they crash and Jake finds himself hanging between his two friends, and between two opposite personalities. Doc, the "I'll Do it My Way" Guy and Finney, the man submitted to God. This story takes Jake from the ICU where he says good-bye to Finney, to an investigation into the under worlds where right and wrong are relative and no one knows anything for a certainty.  The reader is pulled between two opposites.  Heaven and Hell.  Jake  searches for the truth and tries to find meaning in a shifting values. 
Alcorn has several  messages for his readers and he doesn't pull any punches. This book tackles just about all of the issues in our society.   
All in all I found this story engaging and captivating.  The only down side I personally found was that it took a while to get to know the characters.   Finally, I'd like to say that "Deadline", by Jake Alcorn is sure to become a Best Seller.

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Revelation" by Sue Edwards

"Revelation" is a new Bible study by Sue Edwards that concentrates on the way Christians should live for today as well as how we will live for eternity. She makes wonderful use of Scripture, discussion questions, historical facts, and "points to ponder;" as well as having an online presence as a discussion leader.
This Bible Study is broken into nine sections or chapters and there are sections within these chapters what I would call reflective thoughts or reflections.  Couple that with the online videos,and you have a wonderfully rounded Bible Study. Sue Edwards presents her material in a manner that makes the study interesting and  informative, and creates the desire to dig deeper.
  Revelation is primarily a Bible study designed for women, but my wife and I have been studying it together. It is a study that can be used individually or with a group, so it is very versatile. We received our free review copy from Litfuse Publishing, and I am happy to participate in the blog tour.
Book Info
About Discover Together Bible Study: 
Women need Bible study to keep balanced, focused and Christ-centered in their busy worlds. However, many find it difficult to set aside the time and discipline needed for an in-depth study. The Discover Together studies offer tiered questions to allow readers to choose a depth of study that fits with their individual lifestyles or schedules, even if they vary by the week, month or season

This insightful Bible study uses the example of Paul's church in Ephesus to show readers how they can be victorious Christians, living in God's Word, and free from sin. Part of the discovery series, the Ephesians edition includes tips for either individual or group use, inspirational sidebars and short, 3-5 minute teaching videos. Scan the video QR code in the book with a smart phone or visit the series website to watch Sue provide historical and cultural background, teach important truths found in each week's lesson, or ask thoughtful questions to encourage deeper discussion.
Link to buy the book:

Join the online Bible study here. Just LIKE the page and then follow along. There will be a launch party for Ephesians on April 11th and the online Bible study will begin the following week on April 15th.

Women crave Bible studies that challenge them to grow in their faith. But after balancing carpools, sports schedules, or work deadlines, you may not be able to commit to another evening out of the house. Now you don't have to.

Whether studying with a small group or by yourself, you know can join popular Bible teacher Sue Edwards on the Year of Discovery. Sue will be leading women through her studies with online chats and discussions on her Facebook page. All year long. Every week. Any time of day. From the comfort of home. Make-up and hair-do optional. Come as you are!
Each week you will find quotes, links to articles and other resources, and videos to help you as you study. Complete the lessons at your convenience. Then any time of day to comment or ask questions. Sue will be there frequently to respond, encourage, and equip!
Meet Sue:  
Sue Edwards (MA, Dallas Theological Seminary; D.Min., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) teaches full-time in the Christian Education Department at Dallas Theological Seminary. She has more than twenty-five years of experience teaching, pastoring, and directing women's ministries. In addition, Sue speaks at retreats, conferences, and seminars across the country. She is the coauthor of Women's Retreats and New Doors in Ministry to Women, and the author of the new Sue Edwards Inductive Bible Study series.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"The Reason", by William Sirls

I have just had the pleasure of reading a wonderful story of Hope and Believing.  It is a story of a group of people who I would consider a family even though not all characters are blood relatives.  "The Reason" by William Sirls grabs the reader with the cover of the book, and doesn't let the reader go until the turn of the last page. If you try to come up with a main character, you will find that every one of the characters in this story could and should be considered the main character.  
  First there's Alex, a 5 year old regular child, however as you read the story, you find that this child is in a battle, yet he is the strength of his mother Brooke.  Then there's Charlie.  He is son of the Lindy's, that would be Pastor Lindy and his wife.The list of characters also include Macey Lewis, a doctor at the local hospital, Carla, a life long friend of Brooke's.  
  Then there's Kenneth, the Carpenter.  the characters are rounded out by Zak Norm another doctor at the local hospital and a nurse by the name of Kaitlyn.

  The story starts out with Brooke and Alex in a small country sized church during a Thunderstorm.  This storm is so strong and violent that it scares Brooke, Alex and Charlie (who is hiding because of the thunder and lightning).  The cross located on the front lawn of the church is struck by lightning when the lights all go out in the church.  The cross id destroyed.  
  I certainly do not want to give away and of the story line here, however this story will bean inspiration to all who read it.  "The Reason" is a story with a roller coaster of emotions.  You may also find so surprises located in the pages.  William Sirls certainly knows how to capture the readers attention right away.  He is sure to be a Best Selling author.  My congratulations go out to Mr. Sirls on his first novel.  I'd like to thank Thomas Nelson Publishing/BookSneeze for the opportunity of reading and reviewing the novel.  As I stated above,  "The Reason", by William Sirls is sure to make the Best Sellers List