Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Last Brother, Nathacha Appanah

I have just completed the reading of “The Last Brother”, by Nathacha Appanah. This story takes place near the end of 1944 and involves a young boy of the age of nine years. His name is Raj and he lives in Mauritius. This location is an island in the Indian Ocean.
As the story unfolds, Raj is retelling his story of his youth on the island, as he is preparing to visit the grave of a long lost friend, David, and he has not visited this grave before. Raj is now seventy years old, and tells his story, I believe for his own benefit, as well as for his son.
He has lost his two brothers and is now moving from his shack of a home with his father and mother to a new location. This story has many ups and downs in the emotional range and I found myself taken in and seeing, breathing and living the story. David, is a nine year old boy who Raj meets as a result of Raj’s discovery of a prison near his new home. Raj’s father, a miserable man, in my estimation, is a guard at this prison. What Raj discovers is that this prison is filled with Jews, something that Raj has never heard of, and why is this little boy David in this prison. Remember, that this story takes place at the end of 1944, during World War II. Raj doesn’t know anything about the war.
Appanah is a wonderful writer. If this story is not a true story, then the author has definitely a way with words in order to bring a fictional story to life. The emotional rollercoaster is beyond compare. I recommend this story to everyone.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shadow Divers, Robert Kurson

Have you ever considered how close World War II actually was to our own country? You may be surprised where Germany had placed some of their Submarines, or U-Boats as they were called. "Shadow Divers", by Robert Kurson, is just one of those compelling true stories of a group of deep savage divers unearth a sunken U-Boat off the coast of New Jersey.
As you read about this discovery, the reader, you, will also be taken into the mysteries and dangers of savage diving. In some cases the author is telling the story as it was relayed to him through the words of the two men, John Chatterton and Richard Kohler, a pair of who actually discovered the wreckage. Another key character in this story is that of Bill Nagle, who is given a set of numbers, better known as coordinates of a site that my provide for discovery and adventure.
Nagle owns a boat known as the Seeker, and he contacts Chatterton, with this news. They along with a crack team of divers must keep the location and discovery a secret, until they can identify the remains. Keeping an eye out for the not so friendly competitor salvage diving claims jumpers is of utmost importance. In this story, there is a full circle of emotions. Death is around every corner of the ship wreck and some of the divers pay for their mistakes with their lives.
Follow Chatterton, Kohler and Nagle on this journey and be ready to be pulled into the story completely. This is a must read for all history buffs.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Jesus Qnquest, Charles Foster

I have just completed reading the "The Jesus Inquest", by Charles Foster. Foster has taken great strides to allow the reader to examine the Resurrection of Christ, debate. this text looks at both sides of the resurrection argument, and Foster utilizes Mr. X and Mr. Y to debate the sides. This text provides for many arguments on both sides of the debate and as a reader of this text, it only left me with a more convincing argument for the actual resurrection of Christ.

As I turned the pages and read the arguments for and against, I placed myself, or at least tried to place my self in the middle of the time. By dong so, I am convinced that the Bible is a true depiction of the events. In many cases both Mr. X and Mr. Y agree on points and in some cases agree to disagree. Also many skeptics and scholars alike agree that Christ did indeed exist. Where they differ is how He disappeared from the tomb. Obviously, the skeptics say that Christ's body to taken away by His disciples, the argument for the resurrection points towards the guards and the heaviness of the stone which covered the entrance to the tomb.

For most, this book will not change the minds of its readers, except that by faith and the teachings of the Bible, can Christians believe in the physical resurrection of Christ.

Thank you Charles Foster for your study and expertise in putting this book together. It is a wonderful addition to a Christian Library with compelling arguments.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"The Miracle of Mercy Land" by River Jordan

As she works for Doc Phillips at the local paper, Mercy Land does what is necessary to become indispensable. Then, early one morning, Mercy gets information about a huge story, the biggest she has ever worked on, but she can't print any of it. Mysterious things start happening like: Mercy meeting a man named John Quincy in her dreams (will he help or hinder her), a book floats in the window onto Doc's desk, words are constantly moving on the pages, and Mercy and Doc can see lives when their hands enter the book. What is this book of maps and how can it change lives? Why are Doc and Mercy involved? Will Mercy's past come back to haunt or help her? What is the miracle from the title? This book can definitely make the reader think about the choices he/she makes.

This book was a different genre for me. Normally I don't pick up books with a mystical theme, but this one was different. The characters and story line kept me interested and I wanted to know how the story would be resolved. I recommend it to anyone who wants an adventure in reading.