Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shadow Divers, Robert Kurson

Have you ever considered how close World War II actually was to our own country? You may be surprised where Germany had placed some of their Submarines, or U-Boats as they were called. "Shadow Divers", by Robert Kurson, is just one of those compelling true stories of a group of deep savage divers unearth a sunken U-Boat off the coast of New Jersey.
As you read about this discovery, the reader, you, will also be taken into the mysteries and dangers of savage diving. In some cases the author is telling the story as it was relayed to him through the words of the two men, John Chatterton and Richard Kohler, a pair of who actually discovered the wreckage. Another key character in this story is that of Bill Nagle, who is given a set of numbers, better known as coordinates of a site that my provide for discovery and adventure.
Nagle owns a boat known as the Seeker, and he contacts Chatterton, with this news. They along with a crack team of divers must keep the location and discovery a secret, until they can identify the remains. Keeping an eye out for the not so friendly competitor salvage diving claims jumpers is of utmost importance. In this story, there is a full circle of emotions. Death is around every corner of the ship wreck and some of the divers pay for their mistakes with their lives.
Follow Chatterton, Kohler and Nagle on this journey and be ready to be pulled into the story completely. This is a must read for all history buffs.

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