Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Judgment Day", by Wanda L. Dyson

Suzanne Kidwell, is looking for fame, and she is willing to destroy anyone in order to get it. This is what it seems as she goes about her job, as an investigative reporter for a television series known as "Judgment Day", but is Kidwell about to meet her own "Judgment Day"?
When Kidwell finds a friend of hers dead in her apartment, she is immediately charged with the murder. Suzanne, seeks and enlists the help of a pair of Private Detectives to prove her innocence. Can these two detectives, Marcus Crisp, a former boyfriend and his partner Alex (Alexandria) Fisher-Hawthorne, from a well to do family, who want her to return home to run the family business.
As the story develops, there are many instances of crimes being covered up and there is also a twist, when Suzanne Kidwell's fiance is killed while driving her car. Is there a connection there? Maybe.
I must say that this story peeked my interests right from the start, and Dyson is a wonder writer. My hat goes off to her for your writing ability and the way she weaves a story. "Judgement Day", by Wanda L. Dyson is sure to make the Best Sellers list. Thank yous go out to WaterBrook Press and Blogging for Books, for offering me the opportunity to read and review this wonderful piece of art.
Once the reader picks up this selection, they will not want to put it down. Bravo to Wanda L. Dyson on her accomplishments. "Judgment Day" is Great.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"A Whisper of Peace", by Kim Vogel Sawyer

It is the late 1890's and Clay Selby and his step-sister Vivian are on their way to the Alaskan Frontier to begin their Missionary work among the Athabascans, the local natives of the area. Then there is Lizzie, the ostracized native of the Athabascans. As the story unfolds, Clay and Vivian are arriving at Fort Yukon, Alaska on the final leg of the journey to the Alaskan frontier and their mission work. Clay Selby is chomping at the bit to get his work started, but he needs to confront some difficult decisions along the way.
Vivian, Clay's step sister has some ghosts in her past that she is trying to deal with or maybe escape from. And then there Lizzie Dawson, the daughter of a White Man and a Athabascan woman. (The reason Lizzie is excommunicated from her tribe). As you can see there is a lot going on in this story, yet I found it a very compelling story right from the start.
I'd like to thank Bethany House Publishers for giving me the opportunity to both read and review this selection. I also found a local connection in this story, when the story spoke of Vivian's past and living in Huntington, Massachusetts, located in Hampshire County. The reason I found the connection, is because I too live in Hampshire County, Massachusetts, although not in Huntington. It's nice when a reader can make a connection such as this when reading a stimulating story. It tends to bring the story a little closer.
When Clay, Vivian and Lizzie first meet, both Clay and Vivian are taken by surprise at both the beauty and knowledge of the woman names Lizzie Dawson, and there is also and immediate niggling in Clay's heart. The question the reader must ask themselves is whether what he is feeling with develop into anything or will there be extenuating circumstances which may prove disastrous for Clay and Vivian's Missionary work in the area.
"A Whisper of Peace", is sure to become a Best Seller and Kim Vogel Sawyer is a wonderful writer. Sawyer knows how to keep the reader glued to the pages of this latest novel. and I sure that anyone who reads "A Whisper of Peace", will come away with a GREAT story, and to not minimize Christianity, there is definitely the Salvation message woven through the story. Bravo to Sawyer for a wonderfully scripted story that is sure to keep readers excited about "A Whisper of Peace".

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Earthen Vessels", by Matthew Lee Anderson

I'd like to thank Bethany House for the opportunity of reading and reviewing "Earthen Vessels", by Matthew Lee Anderson. This piece of literature points out exactly why our bodies matter to our faith, and Anderson uses both Scripture and common sense in his approach to explaining and educating the reader about our "Earthen Vessels", our bodies and Christ.
Man was formed from dust by God and He has used our bodies as His Vessel. It is what we as humans do with our bodies which effect our faith. As Anderson points out, we rarely think about our bodies when it comes to religion, but as he points out through Scripture, our faith is dependent upon how we treat our bodies.
Thank you Matthew Lee Anderson for providing the catalyst for the readers of this book, so that they can be more atoned to their faith and "Earthen Vessels". Our bodies do matter, when it comes to our faith. As you read this book, you may find yourself changing how you treat and protect your body, to further grow in faith and the presence of God. I would recommend this book to be part of any library.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"40 Ways To Get Closer to God", by Jerry MacGregor

I'd like to thank Bethany House, for the opportunity to review "40 Ways to Get Closer to God", by Jerry MacGregor. this selection is a 40 day devotional designed to bring the reader to a closer relationship with God. However, don't think that you as the reader are going to get away with just reading the book.
As the title suggests, this book is broken into 40 sections. As you read each section, you will be challenged to then complete an assignment, before continuing on to the next section or chapter if you may. As an example I suggest Day One. ' At Your Service', is a section on service to God, and mankind in my humble opinion. MacGregor takes each section and explains through his knowledge and Scripture just what it means to follow God. As Christians, we cannot be lazy and think that God will provide, if we don't put our own effort into becoming better humans, and therefore better Christians.
In the section of one of the Challenges put forth to the reader, and I quote from page 13 of "40 Ways To Get Closer to God" - "Your challenge today is to serve someone in a practical way." this section continues on, on just how to accomplish the first challenge.
With the above in mind, don't think that this selection will be a quick read by any means, and in order to get the most out of this book is to complete each and every section and challenge. Thank you Jerry MacGregor and Bethany House for providing such a great devotional and learning tool to the Christian.

"The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook", by Jeff Kinley

I'd like to thank Thomas Nelson/BookSneeze for the opportunity to read and review "The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook", by Jeff Kinley. This story although fictional, brings to light the very things that are happening within each and every one of us as Christians. We think that once we have accepted Christ into our lives and hearts, that we will be covered no matter what we do.
Kinley, has taken this his time in developing a story line which he then can describe with the use of Scripture, just how our past lives are in constant battle with the new or born again Christian. As the book begins, you will find that it is set up with an Episode, followed by it's corresponding Chapter. The Episodes are those set aside for the story line that Kinley has set up and each episode follows up with its chapter where we can learn about the aspects of dealing with the living dead or Zombies within each of us.
Ben Foreman, one of the main characters in this story must deal with many tragedies and accomplishments just as any of us do, but he is also dealing the what appears to be an outbreak of Zombies taking over the neighborhood and town in which he lives.
Corazon City, is located in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and you would think that a place like that would be exempt from such goings on. Little did Ben and his family and friends know, but the Zombies are gathering to take over the area. Dan Foreman, Ben's older brother is and always has been more athletic and apparently more ambitious, and joins the elite group of Zombie Hunters/Killers known as the ZTF or Zombie Task Force.
Follow Ben and Dan Foreman along with their mother, and Crystal, Ben's girlfriend as they battle the Zombies, with each Episode. Then learn how to defeat the Zombies in your lives as you read and gain insight from each Chapter. "The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook is a must read. Not only is it an entertaining read, but it also gives pertinent information that each reader can relate in his or her everyday life. Thank you Jeff Kinley, for providing such a thought provoking insight into our lives and to the Zombies within each of us.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Indelible", by Kristen Heitzmann

"Indelible", is the perfect title for this latest novel, by Kristen Heitzmann. The story opens with the search for an elderly couple, interrupted by the tracking of a Mountain Lion with a toddler in it's jaws. Trevor MacDaniel and Whit, his long time friend and Outdoorsman partner find themselves going after and eventually freeing the toddler from certain death.
Then there's Natalie, a gifted sculptor with what could be described and a curse as everything she looks at ends up building in her mind, not allowing her to concentrate on anything else until she releases the images by sculpting them. Then there's another character who just happens to be blind and a wonderful artist to boot. Sounds like an interesting group, but there's more to the story than that. There is also some evil demons in the mix. Trevor is being stalked by just one of those demons and it may have to do with something from his past.
Wonderfully written and a great story, "Indelible", will take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions. There's adventure, mystery, drama and even a love story brewing in the story. Heitzmann certainly knows how to keep the reader glued to the pages of this intriguing story. As each page is turned you will not be able to put this book down. Why? Because with each turn of the page the story sucks you in even deeper. Can you figure out what is going to happen next? Only the reader will be able to answer that question.
Bravo to Kristen Heitzmann and to "Indelible".

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"The Fight of our Lives" by William J. Bennett

I like to take this opportunity to thank Book Sneeze/Thomas Nelson, for the opportunity to read and review "The Fight of our Lives", by William J. Bennett. This politically based book shows us just how fragile our lives became as a result of 9/11 and how we, if we listen and watch, can change the way in which things appear to be going.
As the cover indicates, this book also explains the by knowing the enemy, and be speaking the truth, we can choose to win the War against Radical Islam. Bennett takes the reader through the various events that have been shaping the way we think, and the way we look at our lives since 9/11. As you read through the variety of sections of this book you will be faced with facts and actions that need to be taken in order to keep our county and lives safe. We are truly in the middle of "The Fight for our Lives", and only through decisive actions both on our governments part and well as ours can we win this war.
Bennett looks at The Fort Hood incident where there were many hints if not out right red flags which could have been as well as should have been actions taken in order to prevent the slaughter of many Americans.
Secondly there is a section on just How we got where we are today. There are more sections to this eye opening book if only we take the hard look. Could the Fort Hood tragedy been avoided? I believe it could have been, but as the reader of this wonderful book, can you make your own decisions.
"The Fight of our Lives", should be made a part of any library and I think that every American should read this book. You will be surprised at the things that you will learn by reading "The Fight of our Lives".
Thank you Mr. William J. Bennett for providing a catalyst for change in direction.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Liquid Smoke, by Jeff Shelby

"Liquid Smoke", by Jeff Shelby, is a suspenseful novel with a Private Investigator by the name of Noah Braddock, as it's main character. Braddock is approached by Darcy Gill an attorney representing a soon to be executed Death Row Inmate in San Quentin. She, Darcy, is attempting to recruit Braddock into assisting her, but Braddock is not overly committed to helping a man convicted of murdering two men.
What Braddock finally learns after turning down the case several times is that this convicted killer is his father. A man he never knew nor had any inclination of finding. Russell Simington, the convicted killer is scheduled to be executed within the month and Darcy Gill is trying to have his execution overturn and set to a life sentence.
Once Noah Braddock is convinced to at least meet with Simington, there are many turn of events, he then decides to meet with his alcoholic mother to get some long overdue answers to questions that Braddock didn't even know he had. Braddock must also try to find the answers to many questions in his own mind, as he tries to unravel the mysteries that have been placed before him.
"Liquid Smoke", also has many twists and turns. There is also Braddock's sidekick Carter who assists him along the way in this case, and there is also Braddock's love interest Liz Santagelo, a Police Detective. You will not be disappointed with this story. Once you open this novel, "Liquid Smoke", by Jeff Shelby will have you in it's grip and you will not want to put the book down until the last page has been read.
I'd like to take the opportunity to thank FSB Media for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful and suspenseful novel. "Liquid Smoke", is sure to be a Best Seller. Thank you to Jeff Shelby for writing such a compelling novel. You have definitely got a way with words.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Screams and Whispers", by Randall Peffer

Thanks to FSB Media, for the opportunity and privilege of being allowed to read and review Randall Peffer's latest novel in his Cape Islands Novel series. "Screams and Whispers", by Randall Peffer, what a wonderful yet scary novel. Peffer has taken his thoughts and what appears to extensive research, and molded them together to provide us with a suspenseful story. This novel will keep the reader glued to the pages.
Tuki, one the main characters in this novel has in her possession a gem of great importance to it's home country in South East Asia. Wing-Lei, the Dragon Lady and self appointed person to take that precious gem away from Tuki and it's rightful owner, will not spare anything to get the gem, including kidnapping and murder. Tuki, knows of Wing-Lie's intentions and is running away from her love on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, some ten thousand miles away, from Vietnam. She does this to try and protect Michael Decastro, her lover and protector.
As Tuki's self appointed protector, Michael enlists the help of his father Ceasar Decastro a Vietnam vet. The senior DeCastro has many mixed feelings about returning a a country he left some forty years ago. He has many demons and nightmares of his time in country and is having a hard time in dealing with his son's request, but ultimately agrees to help him.
As a Vietnam vet myself, I found myself drawn to Ceasar Decastro's thoughts and feelings as he re-enters s world he has been trying to forget for forty years. The smells, tastes and scenes rekindle many emotions. Peffer has done a great job of telling this story and bringing the scenes alive in this reader/reviews mind.
From the moment you open this novel and start reading, you will not want to put it down. Follow Tuki, Michael, Ceasar and the other characters on this journey. You will not be disappointed with this story.
Thank you Randall Peffer for a GREAT read. "Screams and Whispers" is sure to be a Best Seller. Again, Thank you FSB Media for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful novel.

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Be The People", by Carol M. Swain, PhD (A MUST READ)

I have just had the pleasure of reading what could be called a very controversial book entitled "Be The People", by Carol M. Swain. Swain takes great strides in outlining just how our country has seemed to have forgotten where our roots are. That being of a Judeo-Christian background, and how that basic faith has eroded. One can only guess at how this has occurred or maybe somehow we have allowed it to happen.
Swain, is certainly on the Conservative side of the argument, and she backs up her writings with the apparent well thought out and researched plan to bring us back to America's faith and promise. Each chapter dedicates itself to a particular aspect and at the end of each chapter, you will find what the author calls an Action Plan. This Action Plan is a series of questions or thoughts related to the previous chapter, to give the reader a starting point to find out how we can correct the errors.
Our Founding Fathers took great pains and strides in forming this great nation and these aspects are also included in the wonderful book. At the end of this book you will find some of our most important documents. ' The Ten Commandments', ' The Declaration of Independence', ' The Bill of Rights', and ' The Constitution of the United States of America.' Now the previous are certainly documents and creeds that we can all live by.
I'd like to thank Book Sneeze, (Thomas Nelson Publishing), for the opportunity to both read and review this outstanding piece of literature. I'd also like to commend the author, Carol M. Swain, PhD, for her tireless efforts in putting forth such as informative book.

Friday, August 12, 2011

"Keys to the Kingdom", by Senator Bob Graham

"Keys to the Kingdom", by Senator Bob Graham, is a spell binding novel. Senator Graham has taken the events of 9/11 and given us a what I believe to be a fictional story of events prior to 9/11 and following that tragic event.
The Kingdom, (Saudi Arabia), is apparently helping bin Laden in more ways that any of us in the United States would like to think. He, bin Laden, is seen in Saudi Arabia well after the tragedy of 9/11. He has shaved to change his appearance, but to the trained observer, it is without a doubt, the man who mastermind the United States worst terrorist attack.
Shortly after the the publication of the 9/11 papers Senator Billington is murdered. Billington had been the co-chair of the Congressional Commission. His long time confidant Tony Ramos, a former Special Forces operative and current State Department employee, takes on the case.
Once you begin to read this story you will find yourself drawn into what is seemingly the underbelly of the government and the seedy side of society. Follow Ramos and a cast of others as they attempt to unravel many inconsistencies which threaten the world and the United States of America. Can Ramos figure out what is happening in time to prevent another catastrophe or will he fall short.
I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at Senator Graham's ability as an author. He definitely kept me glued to the pages. Bravo to Senator Bob Graham for writing a suspenseful novel such a "Keys to the Kingdom. I would also like to thank FSB Media and Rubyna Mansuri for giving me the opportunity to both read and review this 5 star novel.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Average Joe" by Troy Meeder

I'd like to thank Blogging for Books for the opportunity to read and review "Average Joe", by Troy Meeder. Meeder takes the reader on a journey through literary experience of just how God uses the what may be called the run of the mill man, to further His Will. As the reader first opens this book, they will find themselves engrossed in how the author begins his story of what each of us thinks about how our lives should develop and grow, only to find that God has a purpose for each and every one of us.
As Meeder states in Chapter One, "God seems to have a special fondness for average Joes. Before they accomplished extraordinary deeds, normal guys like Gideon, David, Peter and Paul, went about their farming, sheep herding, fishing and tent making. Even Jesus, our Redeemer, Healer, and coming King, started out using a hammer and saw in a carpenter's shop."
Not every "Average Joe", will reach a notoriety of champion or recognition of note, but as Meeders explains, God is in control and He knows what He wants from each and every one of us. We need to be listening, so that we will know what His plan for us is.
Follow Meeder's story as he takes you through the hurdles in his life. You will not be disappointed at the outcome. What comes to my mind is the quote, "The Meek shall inherit the Earth." I can only say that the average Joe's of the earth represent the meek.
Here is an excerpt from Chapter Ten, entitled 'The Test.' - The Responsible Husband - The marriage relationship between a husband and wife is an earthly image of the church and Christ. Ephesians 5:32 says, "This is a great mystery, but marriage is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one." Within the context of marriage, no failure in a relationship is one-sided. It takes two. However, I strongly believe that the health of a marriage is directly related to the spiritual health and leadership of the husband, the 'pastor', of the home. When things go south, more often than not, it is because we husbands have failed to embrace our role in the manner God intended."
Thank you Troy for the above statement. Sometimes as husbands we forget our responsibilities.
This book also has a study guide at the end for further contemplation and reflection. Thank you again Troy Meeder for providing such an insightful book, and Thank You again to Blogging for Books for providing me the opportunity of reading such a wonderful book. This book can be added to any Christian Library and it also provides the tools for every man to serve God and his family.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me" by Ian Morgan Cron

"Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me" (A memoir of sorts), is a life story of the author, Ian Morgan Cron.

Cron, an Episcopal Minister, takes the reader on a ride of Ups and Downs as he tells the story of his life. Usually, I have found, memoirs of this sort, tend to be of interest to the writer and to their family, however, Cron has woven a story that once picked up, the reader can not put it down.

I found my self laughing and crying (depending on the situation), while reading through this memoir. As Cron states a memoir is what we remember and how we remember the times of our lives. No one can remember every little detail of their lives, but how it is remembered and the way Cron writes his memoir is captivating. He has a wonder way of pulling the reader into the story and keeping them there.

Cron speaks in detail about his struggles with his Faith, his father's life, drunkenness and actions. He also learns of his father's involvement with the CIA. All this while growing up in the affluent community of Greenwich, Connecticut. Cron does not leave any thing out regarding his own feelings in this story. He spares nothing in bringing his life alive in the readers mind.

What I learned from this story is that nothing is impossible and that our faith and closeness to God can and will prevail.

I was able to read and review this selection, through the kindness of Booksneeze/Thomas Nelson Publishing, and thank them for this opportunity. I would like to send out a special Thank You to Ian Cron for writing and sharing this memorable story. "Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me is a must read.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Ashes, Ashes" by Jo Treggiar

The world has changed due to plague and apocalypse. Lucy feels very alone and vulnerable, but also strong in maintaining her safety. Any thoughts of a better tomorrow vanish from her mind when she thinks about the hunters, the wild dogs, and the lack of real human contact. But Lucy is not alone. There are others who are working for not only daily survival, but also for a better tomorrow. They want to do more than exist. Lucy has to make a choice when she meets Aiden. She can either continue to live alone and continue to face terrifying ordeals like tsunamis, or she can find him and join his group. As the story unfolds, you will be captivated and continually turning the pages.

This is a powerful story. Jo Treggiar wrote so that we can see through the eyes of young people, but find the scenarios appropriate for older adults as well. Cassandra
Campbell does a great job reading this audio book. I received my free copy from Oasis Audio, and encourage you to get a copy for yourself.

Monday, June 27, 2011

"Into My Father's Wake", by Eric Best

"Into My Father's Wake", by Eric Best, is a true story of a man's attempt at reconciling his deepest feelings about his father, while he is sailing solo 5,000 mile Pacific journey. This story begins with the purchase of a forty seven foot ketch, named Feo. Feo is a story in it's own right, as it has served it's former owner well. Throughout this journey, the reader can certainly feel like they are right along side the author as he attempts his first solo aboard the Feo. Each day and moment has been recorded here so as you read this memoir, you will feel taste and endure along with Best.

Throughout the book, there are hints and glimmering insights into the authors family life, especially when it comes to his father's appreciation for sailing and his hard taught lessons to his son. Along the way, the author comes to the realization of his father's love for him. There is also some interesting dilemmas which arise from time to time and this is where Feo takes over and sets the soloist on the right path or coordinates so to speak.

This story was very compelling throughout the first section of the book, entitled 'In the Path of My Fear'. However, this is where I had some difficulty. It appeared that the second part of the book became blurry as to what the author was trying to convey. It was disjointed and hard to follow, and this came abundantly clear especially in the last part of the book. To me. the second part of the book didn't flow with the first part, and this is too bad.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

"The Lady of Bolton Hill" by Elizabeth Camden

Gentlemen, don't let this cover fool you! This story is full of all kinds of adventure. There's industrial espionage, explosions, death and a story to boot. For the Ladies, there is also a love story and a story of commitment to family, life and love. Not only is this story a wonderful read, but there is also the message of Salvation wrapped up within the pages.

Daniel, Tremain is one of the main characters who has come from rags to riches in this story and his long lost friend and possible love of his life Clara Endicott a female journalist, is there to both support him and help him come to grips with his past and hopefully to see the error of his ways. Once you start to read this story, you will find it hard to put the book down as with each turn of the page, something new is exposed.

Will Daniel completely destroy his main competitor, or will there be a reconciliation between the two. Will Clara be able to help Daniel see his ways are or could find him in turmoil? Clara is hoping to tame this man (Daniel), and Daniel is struggling with his feelings of love towards Clara. Hopefully they will meet somewhere in the middle and live happily ever after, or is that what should happen?

A little history about Clara and Daniel. There were childhood friends, she from the better side of town where there was no want for anything, while Daniel came from the seeder side of town where everything had to be earned and usually the hard way. Daniel witnesses his father's death. Both Daniel and Clara have a love of music. You will have to read this story to find out just how the story develops and how it ends.

Elizabeth Camden has written and wonderful story and is to be commended for her outstanding work. Thank you so much Elizabeth Camden for this walk through history. I will certainly be looking for other stories by Camden.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Primal" A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity, by Mark Batterson

"Primal, A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity", by Mark Batterson, is a DVD based Bible Study which I found to be of great value. As it's title entails, as Christians look to where they are, they may find themselves searching for something more. Batterson does a wonderful job of narrating this DVD based study by breaking it down into section to look at and study. The sections which came to his mind came from Scripture. He chose Mark 12:28 - 30 "Love the Lord Your God with all your Heart and with all your Soul, and with all your Mind, and with all your Strength." Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength. Simple right? Maybe not. But it should be.

As Batterson explains, all Christians when they, and this includes me, accepted God's gift and accepted His salvation, we accepted it with gladness and readiness. We didn't question nor did we challenge His Word or expectations.

This became relevant, when Batterson and his wife were touring underground remains and finds while on a vacation, only to find that they were finding that they too may have developed a core or crust about the relationship with God. Batterson challenges us, through this study, to come back to the basics or "Primal" desires to commune with God.

As each segment of the DVD presentation comes to a close, a provoking question or question is presented that will provide for interaction and study. There is also Scripture available for further study. This DVD based study can bring you back to your roots of coming to Christ. Thank You Mark, for pointing out that as Christians, we tend to over complicate Christianity, he has allowed us to look back to Jesus as He simplifies it. "Love God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.

At the end of the DVD study, a section is available known as Resources, where the listener/ attendee can go for further information and resources to follow up on their own or in a group. Again Thank You Mark Batterson for making this DVD. I know that it has already helped me to simplify my life through Christ again.

"Fatal Judgment" by Irene Hannon

I have just had the pleasure of reading a wonderful selection from The Crossing Book Club, entitled "Fatal Judgment", by Irene Hannon. Hannon has written a novel/story of intrigue, drama, hope, compassion and fear, all rolled up into one fantastic novel. The main characters in my opinion, are a U.S. Deputy Marshal by the name of Jake Taylor, who is charged with protecting a Federal judge, by the name of Liz Michaels, following the murder of the judge's sister. Was the murder intended to be that of Liz Michaels sister, or was there another intention. Until that question can be answered, Taylor must protect this Federal Judge at all costs.

There is also another twist to the protective detail. This Federal Judge and the U.S. Marshal have a past. Michaels was married to a now dead friend of Taylor's and the reasons for his death are yet unclear to Taylor or Michaels. Jake must attempt to put his feelings aside in order to do his job and protect Liz Michaels from harm and possible death.

Follow the characters as the story unfolds right through the conclusion. This story is riveting and as the reader, I have a feeling you won't be able to close this book until you have finished it completely.

Irene Hannon is a wonderful writer and "Fatal Judgment" is a testament to her abilities and determination. Bravo Irene Hannon. I for one will most certainly be reading more of her work. Thank you so much.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Prologue Excerpt By Eric Best Author of "Into My Father's Wake"

Prologue Excerpt
By Eric Best
Author of Into My Father's Wake

In the years before I finally went sailing alone I struggled with something nameless whose manifestation in my life I did not recognize for the longest time. Most of it was negative -- a dull ache of some internal sort, sudden rage at conditions that would not submit to me, relationships that foundered in conflict or the effects of drinking, or drinking itself. This I had learned at home from a couple of experts and the traditions in which they came of age, where alcohol was just something one did at the end of the day. The drinking dulled but did not eliminate the background noise of the thing, which was perhaps the background noise of sadness, or echoes of irreconcilable conflicts, or the thing itself, whatever it might be. In matters of the heart, over time, I found I could only go so far and no farther, derailed or obstructed by something that must have been rooted in me early, if it was not my own by nature.
How much of this had to do with me alone and how much was a function of my family or the way I understood my place in it, or my father and mother, or the New England upbringing of my youth, I could not tell. It is easy enough to blame one's troubles on others, particularly the people who brought us into the world and raised us. But surely I figured in it somewhere. Who expected to be fully happy, anyway? Perhaps it was all in the pursuit, as books on the topic seemed to say. For a long time I did not appreciate that most people were not raised as I was, and therefore had their own experiences of parental love and the frailties and failures that went with it. Some of those were devious and for me would be intractable to understanding without the help of others.
Not until my first experiments with psychotherapy (in which I was the lone family explorer) with a grey-haired woman in Cambridge did I suspect there was something to uncover in my family that might explain some of my conflicts. Early school reports documented me as very clever and engaging, but contentious and sometimes explosive. My years growing up on a former dairy farm in a small Massachusetts town, and later in private schools, were marked by more than my share of fistfights, confrontations on the soccer field and a record number of ice hockey penalties, though I never developed a taste for bar-brawls or street fighting. I could be very funny and entertaining -- at least my family and friends generally said so -- but when it came to being argumentative or provocative, few could match me in any grade from kindergarten on up. I despised authority in any form and if I felt the least bit trapped or pushed, in word or physical space, self-control was not my natural instinct. Call it spoiling for a fight, or a chip on his shoulder, or just a confused kid in pain, this tendency did little to endear me to my contemporaries, among whom I had a few but fortunately enduring friends.
If a turning point was signaled along the way it came without much notice during lunch in a Fifth Street bar in San Francisco in the mid '80s. I was in my mid-thirties, stunted in some ways I could not name, drinking regularly if not relentlessly and slipping inexorably into the collapse of my first marriage. I remarked to another journalist and unrequited novelist -- bound together as we were by the San Francisco Examiner, our unrealized ambitions as writers and a common tendency to fly into rages over trivial matters -- that I didn't think I could ever write my first book while my father was still alive. Why I said this at the time I was not sure, but I knew it was true and felt I was disclosing something powerful by saying it out loud to anyone. I was telling a truth without knowing why.
It would be about a decade before my father died in his waterfront bedroom in Cape Rosier, Maine, in the house my mother's father had built 80 years earlier, overlooking the rocky shores of Eggemoggin Reach, where I did my first sailing and my father did his last. In the meantime I had sailed alone to Hawaii and back and struggled to write the story of that trip and the life that brought me to it. Expecting his death by congestive heart failure to arrive at any time, I invited him to read the first draft, about which he only said, with a grim, narrow look I knew too well, 'So, you hate me, then?' It defined the gulf between us more eloquently than anything I could have ever come up with on my own. A few months later, with that still between us, I drove him home from the Bangor hospital, knowing it to be the last time, so he could have a view of the water and his sailboat, 'Enfin,' idling at her mooring nearby. He died three days later in his sleep, just after I left on a business trip. A dozen years would pass -- including my mother's decline and death, and another failed marriage -- before something moved me to finish the story once and for all -- to try to accept and forgive and bury him with a decent tribute, and perhaps set myself free in ways I had never been.
It is a truism that we never know when we set out on a long journey just where we may arrive, or when. Life is made up of the unexpected, coming at us point-blank. Things are seldom what they seem, so our charted course is never the course we make in the end. While the father whom life dealt me left his indelible marks -- for better and worse -- there were others I found along the way. One was a tennis buddy of his, a former RAF pilot who flew night-fighters in Korea and then ran a mysterious business involving military hardware. During one of my explosive tantrums over a failed shot in a casual weekend doubles game, John Striebel looked at me with mild contempt and said simply, "That's it, I'm done." He sat down beside the court with an air of finality, rejecting summarily his younger partner, which broke up our precious Saturday game and made everyone a victim of my behavior. John was the first partner (or player) ever to walk off the tennis court when I was throwing a fit -- the only one, actually. And I felt oddly grateful, even as I had to walk the half-mile home alone as he and my father drove past without showing any sign of my being there. Years later John would counsel me through my first divorce -- don't let your anger take over, he said. He also warned me not to wait too long before trying to sail solo in the ocean. Getting older has a way of making you afraid to do things, he said, and the fear will come on you unexpectedly.
Other fathers I found, or who found me, helped me discover certain truths that I could not see clearly on my own. Don Michael, an educator and consultant who became a mentor to me in my consulting practice, looked at me with compassion when I recalled some of my earliest memories, some of them clouded or blocked, which had something to do with violence. "No child can reconcile love and brutality, it just doesn't make any sense," he said, putting me on a path to understanding my history over time. Joe Miller, a Sufi philosopher and spiritual guide in San Francisco, showed me the power of powerful listening and evoked words that would become my compass for the rest of my life. And Professor Bill White, who continued to teach through his last tortuous months at Harvard Business School as he died of leukemia, showed me with deathbed selflessness what it meant to help others find their way.
It was my own act of faith that in finishing this story something crucial about my father and my relationship to him might finally come clear, although its manifestation would be a surprise. The manuscript that had gone on the shelf after he died suddenly demanded attention when my son turned five. That was about the same age that I had become consciously aware that my father was in my life. He had spent my earliest years commuting from Connecticut to a New York City bank and was seldom at home when I was awake, a condition I had recreated in my own son's life. There was something about this age -- five. My first daughter was five when my marriage to her mother broke up, and I felt compelled to get into the ocean alone, to get out there -- maybe just to get out of here -- to be truly alone to figure something out. This journey would not be finished, if I could call it so, for another 20 years. In truth perhaps it would never be.
The above is an excerpt from the book Into My Father's Wake by Eric Best. The above excerpt is a digitally scanned reproduction of text from print. Although this excerpt has been proofread, occasional errors may appear due to the scanning process. Please refer to the finished book for accuracy.
© 2011 Eric Best, author of Into My Father's Wake
Author Bio
Eric Best is an author, speaker, and strategy consultant to individuals and corporations. Educated at Hamilton College, Harvard and Stanford Universities, his background as a journalist (Lowell Sun, USA Today, San Francisco Examiner), futurist (Global Business Network, Morgan Stanley), and solo ocean sailor (SF-Hawaii and back, '89 and '93) inform his insights. The father of three, he lives and maintains offices in Brooklyn, NY, where he currently consults for a global financial firm and is working on two new books.
For more information please visit and follow the author on Facebook and Twitter
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

"The Book That Made Your World" Vishal Mangalwadi

"The Book That Made Your World", by Vishal Mangalwadi, is a collection of thoughts and ideas which formed our world as we know it today. How often we take for granted just how our lives are shaped and managed. Mangalwadi, takes the reader on the pathway of just how the Bible influenced the way the Western Civilized world works. "The Book That Made Your World", is actually a history book, that of a history of how the Bible shaped our world.

In this collection the three different types of judgements are noted.

(1.) Moral Judgments - This is good; that is evil
(2.) Aesthetic Judgments - This is beautiful; that is ugly
(3.) Epistemological Judgments - That is true; this is false

From these judgments we can start to see just how the Bible became the force that globalized Western civilization.
Written in a text book way of forming of the ideas and taking the beginnings of civilization, Mangalwadi, expresses just how the Bible influenced how both Western Civilization took hold of the ideals of the Bible and Biblical teachings while the areas of the world such as Islam and Buddists cultures view their beginnings in such a different way.
At the beginning of Part Three is a quote which identifies with America. "The Bible was one book that literate Americans in the seventeenth eighteenth, and ninetheenth centuries could be expected to know well. Biblical imagery proveded the basic framework for imaginative thought in America up until quite recent times and, unconsciously, its control is still formidable." - Robert N. Bellah
This previous quote shows just how the West took hold of the Bible and ran with it, so to speak, forming nations filled with Bible believers and people who went to the Bible for the answers to their questions.
I must say that I did find this book hard to read, and for that reason I only give it three stars. But I also found it full of important information that everyone should be ready to explore. Once into this book, you will find all kinds of interesting information. Now we must figure out how to take our heritage and shout it from the rooftops. It will be a path most likely to be hard to follow, but with rewards beyond comprehension.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor" Chuck Black

"Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor", is a story of decisions. How often do we have to make decisions on a daily basis, such as what we are going to eat or wear for the day and so on. Most of our decisions are of a minor nature, however, some decisions are more of a life changing or life altering nature. That is what you will discover when you open and start reading this compelling and adventurous novel by Chuck Black.

"Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor" is the story of a young man by the name of Twitch who is a knight in training. He along with his companion Tav, are seemingly on the path of discovery and as in life, each must make their own decisions on the pathway of life.

I found this story captivating and very well written. It is sure to keep the interest of it's intended readership, that of Teens and Young Adults, but I found this story captured my attention and imagination as I believe other older adults would find this story wonderful. As you read about Twitch's adventure, or might I call it a journey, you will be amazed at the courage and determination of its main character. Twitch also learns more about himself than he could have ever dreamed possible.

Follow Sir Quinlan, (Twitch) and his friends on their journey of discovery. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

"Max on Life: Answers and Insights" by Max Lucado

Have you ever considered the many questions we have in life? How about the doubts and insecurities each and every one of us have from time to time? These questions are just something to think about as you open Max Lucado's latest book entitled, "Max on Life." As Christians, when we asked God into our hearts, we thought that we had everything under control with our lives and that God would provide. That was true, however, we are human, and human nature does not allow us to us to completely understand that we are not in control. As humans we need to be in control and we will question every little thing that stands in our way of what we feel we need and want. We are unable to fully trust and have complete faith, therefore, we have questions, especially when things seem to be far from under our control. This book is for everyone, Christians who have accepted Christ as their Savior, and those who have yet to make that decision, and have not yet accepted God's grace. "Max on Life," is a collection of everyday questions that can be answered, and Lucado, does just that. He provides easy to understand answers and also provides the Scripture in his answers. By no , means does he say that his answers are the only answers, but what they are, is a path which allows the reader to keep their focus in the right direction. That of the way of Christ. The answers to your questions, just might be answered in Lucado's latest book, and if not, they will provide the answer as to where to look. "Max on Life" is sure to be another wonderful Best Seller for Max Lucado.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hope Unseen, Captain Scotty Smiley

You've graduated from The Military Academy at West Point and you've completed your Ranger Training, a required course for all First Lt.s. coming out of West Point, before you are allowed to lead soldiers in the field.

You're also a newly wed and looking forward to living a full life with your bride. Your orders come in and you are heading to Iraq. Both your wife and you have been church going, praying and Bible reading Christians all of your lives. So, everything is going your way and a year long tour in Iraq is only going to be a small bump in your life's road.

This was Scotty Smiley's life. While in Iraq he was leading a patrol searching out insurgents and evil doers, when a suicide bomber detonated an IED (Improvised Explosive Device), just meters away. This device sent shrapnel into Smiley's head, body and eyes, rendering him unconscious and blind.
"Hope Unseen", is the true story of Captain Scotty Smiley, as told by him. This story is one of courage, spirit, determination and most of all Faith. Neither Scotty nor his wife, Tiffany, ever lose faith nor turn away from God on their perilous journey of rebuilding their lives and rehabilitation. It is the story of conquering obstacles both seen and unseen.

Follow Scotty Smiley as he describes this unforgettable story. I commend Captain Smiley for his courage and dedication. This story should be in everyone's To Be Read List, and will undoubtedly become a Best Seller.

Monday, April 11, 2011

"The Final Summit" by Andy Andrews

Are you ready to participate in what could be the last opportunity to find the answer which will save humanity? You will have this opportunity as soon as you open the thought provoking novel , "The Final Summit", by Andy Andrews. As the cover on this book states, ' A Quest to find the one principle that will Save Humanity', is about to convene.

David Ponder the main character, is a seventy year old man, who has seen things that most people are unaware of. He has had the opportunity to become a Traveler. The archangel, Gabriel, has been with David before. Now has has come to David again, this time to bring him to a meeting with other Travelers, all of whom have been called to try and come up with the answer which will save humanity. David Ponder is also selected as the leader of this conference or summit. David Ponder is a self made man who has fought back after losing everything that he worked for, and knows how to conquer the negative. However,he obviously doesn't feel that he has the knowledge or capabilities to lead such an important summit, and as he looks around the room, he sees many famous people of the past, which in his mind are more capable of leading such a meeting.

This select group of Travelers only has five opportunities to get the right answer. Can they do it, or will they run out of time.

"The Final Summit", by Andy Andrews is a riveting story. Once the reader picks up this story, he or she will not be able to put it down. Each chapter is compelling and thoughtful, as the entire story is filled with twists and turns I will not give away any names of David Ponder's fellow Travelers, as I want everyone to be surprised at who they will see and hear from at this meeting.

Andy Andrews has done his usual research and he has not disappointed anyone with his story here. Well done Andy Andrews, for yet another wonderful and thought provoking story.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Corruptible, by Mark Mynheir

Ray Quinn an ex-cop turned Private Investigator, is summoned to the board room of Mayer Holdings. The corporation caters to the filthy rich, and they are missing some vital client information. Another ex-cop turned security, apparently has absconded with this information and Armon Mayer, wants it back, and is willing to pay dearly.

"The Corruptible", by Mark Mynheir, is a captivating novel that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Written so as too be a movie script, I found myself riveted to the pages of this novel, just as though I was watching this story unfold on the wide screen or in real life.

Ray Quinn, the main character, had his police career cut short by a career ending wound that left him handicapped, but don't let his cane and limp fool you. He knows how to take care of himself, and he is back up by Crevis, his up and coming assistant, who by description, looks like he could take on a Mac truck.

When Quinn takes on the case of the missing client information, it appears to be cut and dry. Find another ex-cop, Logan Ramsey, and get the stolen property back. But, when Ray Quinn starts his investigation, he finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation, with so many suspects, hour head will be spinning, and the client information is still nowhere to be found.

See if you can solve this complicated mystery before it's too late.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Curiosities of the Civil War, Webb Garrison

As the title details, "Curiosities of the Civil War", is definitely filled with Strange Stories and Bizzarre Events. Not only that, but you will find out about people in history who you may not have known, had anything to do with the Civil War. Webb Garrison has taken pain staking steps to research and compile all the little and unknown facts about the Civil War that even the most avidCivil War Buff will find interesting and compelling.

Here are just a couple of the interesting facts that you will find in this book. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. was thoroughly involved with the Civil War, as he survived such battles as Balls Bluff, Antietam, and Fredericksburg, before beginning his practice as an attorney. Another person is Louisa May Alcott, author of "Little Women", spent her time tending to the wounded as a nurse. She went about her work without any recognition. And then there were the Camels, which were introduced into the Civil War in the Southwest, by a Confederate General. These facts along with many more can be found on the pages of "Curiosities of the Civil War."

As a reader you will be caught off guard in many cases by the variety of facts that you may not find anywhere else. This practical book will be a welcome addition to any Civil War Buff's Library. I highly recommend this book to any and all U.S. History Buffs. You will be amazed at what you will learn.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Deadly Ties, Vicki Hinze

I have just had the pleasure of reading one of Vicki Hinze's novel, "Deadly Ties". This story takes its' characters and brings them to life in the readers imagination, to the point of feeling as though you are right there in the story. It is filled with twists and turns throughout the story and as you follow Lisa Harper, one of the main characters, you can feel her emotions and desires through the story. Mark, her knight in shining armor, is part of an elite group of former Special Forces team.

This story lets the reader into Lisa's mind as a child, when her father dies and Lisa is abducted. She eventually escapes her captors only to find that her mother marries Dutch, a mean underhanded man.

Vicki Hinze paints perfect pictures of Human Trafficking, death and a multitude of those twists and turns which keeps the reader guessing with every turn of the page. Intrigue is only one way in which to describe this wonderful novel. You will not be able to put this novel down. Bravo Vicki, for a wonderful read.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Last Brother, Nathacha Appanah

I have just completed the reading of “The Last Brother”, by Nathacha Appanah. This story takes place near the end of 1944 and involves a young boy of the age of nine years. His name is Raj and he lives in Mauritius. This location is an island in the Indian Ocean.
As the story unfolds, Raj is retelling his story of his youth on the island, as he is preparing to visit the grave of a long lost friend, David, and he has not visited this grave before. Raj is now seventy years old, and tells his story, I believe for his own benefit, as well as for his son.
He has lost his two brothers and is now moving from his shack of a home with his father and mother to a new location. This story has many ups and downs in the emotional range and I found myself taken in and seeing, breathing and living the story. David, is a nine year old boy who Raj meets as a result of Raj’s discovery of a prison near his new home. Raj’s father, a miserable man, in my estimation, is a guard at this prison. What Raj discovers is that this prison is filled with Jews, something that Raj has never heard of, and why is this little boy David in this prison. Remember, that this story takes place at the end of 1944, during World War II. Raj doesn’t know anything about the war.
Appanah is a wonderful writer. If this story is not a true story, then the author has definitely a way with words in order to bring a fictional story to life. The emotional rollercoaster is beyond compare. I recommend this story to everyone.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shadow Divers, Robert Kurson

Have you ever considered how close World War II actually was to our own country? You may be surprised where Germany had placed some of their Submarines, or U-Boats as they were called. "Shadow Divers", by Robert Kurson, is just one of those compelling true stories of a group of deep savage divers unearth a sunken U-Boat off the coast of New Jersey.
As you read about this discovery, the reader, you, will also be taken into the mysteries and dangers of savage diving. In some cases the author is telling the story as it was relayed to him through the words of the two men, John Chatterton and Richard Kohler, a pair of who actually discovered the wreckage. Another key character in this story is that of Bill Nagle, who is given a set of numbers, better known as coordinates of a site that my provide for discovery and adventure.
Nagle owns a boat known as the Seeker, and he contacts Chatterton, with this news. They along with a crack team of divers must keep the location and discovery a secret, until they can identify the remains. Keeping an eye out for the not so friendly competitor salvage diving claims jumpers is of utmost importance. In this story, there is a full circle of emotions. Death is around every corner of the ship wreck and some of the divers pay for their mistakes with their lives.
Follow Chatterton, Kohler and Nagle on this journey and be ready to be pulled into the story completely. This is a must read for all history buffs.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Jesus Qnquest, Charles Foster

I have just completed reading the "The Jesus Inquest", by Charles Foster. Foster has taken great strides to allow the reader to examine the Resurrection of Christ, debate. this text looks at both sides of the resurrection argument, and Foster utilizes Mr. X and Mr. Y to debate the sides. This text provides for many arguments on both sides of the debate and as a reader of this text, it only left me with a more convincing argument for the actual resurrection of Christ.

As I turned the pages and read the arguments for and against, I placed myself, or at least tried to place my self in the middle of the time. By dong so, I am convinced that the Bible is a true depiction of the events. In many cases both Mr. X and Mr. Y agree on points and in some cases agree to disagree. Also many skeptics and scholars alike agree that Christ did indeed exist. Where they differ is how He disappeared from the tomb. Obviously, the skeptics say that Christ's body to taken away by His disciples, the argument for the resurrection points towards the guards and the heaviness of the stone which covered the entrance to the tomb.

For most, this book will not change the minds of its readers, except that by faith and the teachings of the Bible, can Christians believe in the physical resurrection of Christ.

Thank you Charles Foster for your study and expertise in putting this book together. It is a wonderful addition to a Christian Library with compelling arguments.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"The Miracle of Mercy Land" by River Jordan

As she works for Doc Phillips at the local paper, Mercy Land does what is necessary to become indispensable. Then, early one morning, Mercy gets information about a huge story, the biggest she has ever worked on, but she can't print any of it. Mysterious things start happening like: Mercy meeting a man named John Quincy in her dreams (will he help or hinder her), a book floats in the window onto Doc's desk, words are constantly moving on the pages, and Mercy and Doc can see lives when their hands enter the book. What is this book of maps and how can it change lives? Why are Doc and Mercy involved? Will Mercy's past come back to haunt or help her? What is the miracle from the title? This book can definitely make the reader think about the choices he/she makes.

This book was a different genre for me. Normally I don't pick up books with a mystical theme, but this one was different. The characters and story line kept me interested and I wanted to know how the story would be resolved. I recommend it to anyone who wants an adventure in reading.