Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Judgment Day", by Wanda L. Dyson

Suzanne Kidwell, is looking for fame, and she is willing to destroy anyone in order to get it. This is what it seems as she goes about her job, as an investigative reporter for a television series known as "Judgment Day", but is Kidwell about to meet her own "Judgment Day"?
When Kidwell finds a friend of hers dead in her apartment, she is immediately charged with the murder. Suzanne, seeks and enlists the help of a pair of Private Detectives to prove her innocence. Can these two detectives, Marcus Crisp, a former boyfriend and his partner Alex (Alexandria) Fisher-Hawthorne, from a well to do family, who want her to return home to run the family business.
As the story develops, there are many instances of crimes being covered up and there is also a twist, when Suzanne Kidwell's fiance is killed while driving her car. Is there a connection there? Maybe.
I must say that this story peeked my interests right from the start, and Dyson is a wonder writer. My hat goes off to her for your writing ability and the way she weaves a story. "Judgement Day", by Wanda L. Dyson is sure to make the Best Sellers list. Thank yous go out to WaterBrook Press and Blogging for Books, for offering me the opportunity to read and review this wonderful piece of art.
Once the reader picks up this selection, they will not want to put it down. Bravo to Wanda L. Dyson on her accomplishments. "Judgment Day" is Great.

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