Friday, November 21, 2014

"Invitation to Philippians" by Donald Sunukjan

"Invitation to Philippians" Building a Great Church Through Humility", is a wonderful teaching guide to the Book of Philippians.  In this guide you will find that Mr. Sunukjan brings forth his insight into the book and explains it's contents with direct wisdom and knowledge of the book.  

  He backs up the teachings with a number of Scriptures so that the reader can dig deeper into the understanding and gain the insight so many Christians who do not read the Bible, lack. It is meant to help pastors/preachers/men's group leaders build a church that will not only serve God but also reach out to the community. Donald Sunukjian has great examples of what and how to preach. As part of his "Biblical Preaching for the Contemporary Church" series, Mr. Sunukjian gives wonderful examples of what and how to preach from Philippians.

 "Invitation to Philippians", should be in every Christian library and used in study for all. Pastors, and others who preach and teach will find it a valuable tool for preparation of their messages and talks. I definitely recommend it and thank Cross Focused Media for my copy. This is an honest review.