Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“A Walk Through The Dark” by Eva Piper is the true story of her walk through the dark following her husband Don's severe car accident. It begins as she informed of his involvement in a accident while she is teaching her students. The story details all the surgeries, hospital stays, setbacks, injuries, and more that occur over the next years. Eva describes the day by day caretaking and gives much wisdom for caretakers and loved ones who are supporting a caretaker.  At this point I had to consider my own walk through the dark as I lost a family member.  Much of what Eva Piper was feeling did at times well up in me.
Eva must deal with all the decision making, which prior to the accident, was all left up to her husband  Don. Eva did discuss in length how her faith and prayer life was strengthened by the events of the accident and having to take over their household and lives and keep everything together.
Since reading this compelling story, I will probably  pick up Don's book now, to get the story from Don’s point of view.
I could tell she had some difficulty writing this story, but she did a wonderful job of explaining her thoughts and feelings with each step of the way.
Overall, the book was a quick, easy read as well as enjoyable.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank BookSneeze and Eva Piper for the opportunity to both read and review this story.  “A Walk Through The Dark”, by Eva Piper is a wonderful read with a compelling story.