Monday, May 26, 2014

Heaven & Hell, Are They Real?, by Christopher D. Hudson

 Have you ever really considered whether Heaven and Hell are Real?  I suspect that even the most religous has at some time asked themselves that question.  Much is written about Heaven, but when it comes to Hell, you don't always find and te pertinent information you may be looking for.  "Heaven & Hell, Are They Real?, by Christopher D. Hudson is just the book you may be looking for, to answer some pressing questions.  
  As for this reader, I found myself completely immersed in this book.  Scripture after Scripture was presented to give me a better insight into the question whether Heaven and Hell really exist.  I always believed that both Heaven and Hell existed, but after reading this selection, I am even more assured of their existence, and I for one have chosen Heaven over Hell.  
  This book is broken down into two parts.  The first part deals with the questions and Scriptures that bring Heaven into focus.  The second part obviously deals with the question of Hell.  Again, Scripture is utilized to inform and may I say educate the reader.  
  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Thomas Nelson/BookLook for the privilege of reading and reviewing this selection.  It I'd also like to thank Christopher D. Hudson, for compiling such an informative book.  It is one book I will certainly read again, and should be in everyones library. 

"Fortress of the Mist" by Sigmund Brouwer

This is book 2 of Sigmund Brouwer's "Merlin's Immortals' series. Magnus is a kingdom under attack by the Druids and defended by men like Thomas. The problem is that the Druids don't want Thomas to live. They want to annihilate all opposition in order to have complete control over the kingdom and carry out their own plans. There are so many times when Thomas feels alone. There are also many times when he doesn't want to involve anyone else because it is simply too dangerous. To complicate things, two women seem to be vying for Thomas' attention - Katherine and Isabelle. But, are they who they seem to be? Will anyone stand with Thomas to save Magnus, or will the kingdom fall to the evil forces of the Druids?

This is an interesting book but I wish I had read the first book, "The Orphan King" first because it would probably have made more sense from the beginning. The author writes a good story and I enjoyed the journey of the characters. I recommend this book, and the series, to those of you who enjoy Young Adult Fantasy. I received my free review copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.