Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Safe Lands Outcasts, by Jill Williamson

“The Safe Lands Outcasts”, by Jill Williamson is the second in her series.  Unfortunately, I found it to be slow and hard to read.  It may have been that this story is geared to Teens and young adults, but I have read and reviewed other such types of books and stories in the past.
  I found the story hard to follow as it appeared to jump around.  May be if I had read the first in the series I would have a better review. 
The story starts off with Mason, trying to find a way to free his village from a prisoner like condition, as well as finding a cure for some disease.  There appears to be two factions of what I would call rebel forces, and I could not follow with group was which, therefore I was now able to decide with group was in the right. 
I’m sure that Jill Williamson is a wonderful writer and I wish her the best.  I’d like to take this time to thank both BookSneeze/Thomas Nelson Publishers for the opportunity to both read and review this story.