Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"The Reason", by William Sirls

I have just had the pleasure of reading a wonderful story of Hope and Believing.  It is a story of a group of people who I would consider a family even though not all characters are blood relatives.  "The Reason" by William Sirls grabs the reader with the cover of the book, and doesn't let the reader go until the turn of the last page. If you try to come up with a main character, you will find that every one of the characters in this story could and should be considered the main character.  
  First there's Alex, a 5 year old regular child, however as you read the story, you find that this child is in a battle, yet he is the strength of his mother Brooke.  Then there's Charlie.  He is son of the Lindy's, that would be Pastor Lindy and his wife.The list of characters also include Macey Lewis, a doctor at the local hospital, Carla, a life long friend of Brooke's.  
  Then there's Kenneth, the Carpenter.  the characters are rounded out by Zak Norm another doctor at the local hospital and a nurse by the name of Kaitlyn.

  The story starts out with Brooke and Alex in a small country sized church during a Thunderstorm.  This storm is so strong and violent that it scares Brooke, Alex and Charlie (who is hiding because of the thunder and lightning).  The cross located on the front lawn of the church is struck by lightning when the lights all go out in the church.  The cross id destroyed.  
  I certainly do not want to give away and of the story line here, however this story will bean inspiration to all who read it.  "The Reason" is a story with a roller coaster of emotions.  You may also find so surprises located in the pages.  William Sirls certainly knows how to capture the readers attention right away.  He is sure to be a Best Selling author.  My congratulations go out to Mr. Sirls on his first novel.  I'd like to thank Thomas Nelson Publishing/BookSneeze for the opportunity of reading and reviewing the novel.  As I stated above,  "The Reason", by William Sirls is sure to make the Best Sellers List