Monday, April 18, 2011

"Max on Life: Answers and Insights" by Max Lucado

Have you ever considered the many questions we have in life? How about the doubts and insecurities each and every one of us have from time to time? These questions are just something to think about as you open Max Lucado's latest book entitled, "Max on Life." As Christians, when we asked God into our hearts, we thought that we had everything under control with our lives and that God would provide. That was true, however, we are human, and human nature does not allow us to us to completely understand that we are not in control. As humans we need to be in control and we will question every little thing that stands in our way of what we feel we need and want. We are unable to fully trust and have complete faith, therefore, we have questions, especially when things seem to be far from under our control. This book is for everyone, Christians who have accepted Christ as their Savior, and those who have yet to make that decision, and have not yet accepted God's grace. "Max on Life," is a collection of everyday questions that can be answered, and Lucado, does just that. He provides easy to understand answers and also provides the Scripture in his answers. By no , means does he say that his answers are the only answers, but what they are, is a path which allows the reader to keep their focus in the right direction. That of the way of Christ. The answers to your questions, just might be answered in Lucado's latest book, and if not, they will provide the answer as to where to look. "Max on Life" is sure to be another wonderful Best Seller for Max Lucado.

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