Monday, April 11, 2011

"The Final Summit" by Andy Andrews

Are you ready to participate in what could be the last opportunity to find the answer which will save humanity? You will have this opportunity as soon as you open the thought provoking novel , "The Final Summit", by Andy Andrews. As the cover on this book states, ' A Quest to find the one principle that will Save Humanity', is about to convene.

David Ponder the main character, is a seventy year old man, who has seen things that most people are unaware of. He has had the opportunity to become a Traveler. The archangel, Gabriel, has been with David before. Now has has come to David again, this time to bring him to a meeting with other Travelers, all of whom have been called to try and come up with the answer which will save humanity. David Ponder is also selected as the leader of this conference or summit. David Ponder is a self made man who has fought back after losing everything that he worked for, and knows how to conquer the negative. However,he obviously doesn't feel that he has the knowledge or capabilities to lead such an important summit, and as he looks around the room, he sees many famous people of the past, which in his mind are more capable of leading such a meeting.

This select group of Travelers only has five opportunities to get the right answer. Can they do it, or will they run out of time.

"The Final Summit", by Andy Andrews is a riveting story. Once the reader picks up this story, he or she will not be able to put it down. Each chapter is compelling and thoughtful, as the entire story is filled with twists and turns I will not give away any names of David Ponder's fellow Travelers, as I want everyone to be surprised at who they will see and hear from at this meeting.

Andy Andrews has done his usual research and he has not disappointed anyone with his story here. Well done Andy Andrews, for yet another wonderful and thought provoking story.

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