Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Corruptible, by Mark Mynheir

Ray Quinn an ex-cop turned Private Investigator, is summoned to the board room of Mayer Holdings. The corporation caters to the filthy rich, and they are missing some vital client information. Another ex-cop turned security, apparently has absconded with this information and Armon Mayer, wants it back, and is willing to pay dearly.

"The Corruptible", by Mark Mynheir, is a captivating novel that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Written so as too be a movie script, I found myself riveted to the pages of this novel, just as though I was watching this story unfold on the wide screen or in real life.

Ray Quinn, the main character, had his police career cut short by a career ending wound that left him handicapped, but don't let his cane and limp fool you. He knows how to take care of himself, and he is back up by Crevis, his up and coming assistant, who by description, looks like he could take on a Mac truck.

When Quinn takes on the case of the missing client information, it appears to be cut and dry. Find another ex-cop, Logan Ramsey, and get the stolen property back. But, when Ray Quinn starts his investigation, he finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation, with so many suspects, hour head will be spinning, and the client information is still nowhere to be found.

See if you can solve this complicated mystery before it's too late.

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