Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"The Fight of our Lives" by William J. Bennett

I like to take this opportunity to thank Book Sneeze/Thomas Nelson, for the opportunity to read and review "The Fight of our Lives", by William J. Bennett. This politically based book shows us just how fragile our lives became as a result of 9/11 and how we, if we listen and watch, can change the way in which things appear to be going.
As the cover indicates, this book also explains the by knowing the enemy, and be speaking the truth, we can choose to win the War against Radical Islam. Bennett takes the reader through the various events that have been shaping the way we think, and the way we look at our lives since 9/11. As you read through the variety of sections of this book you will be faced with facts and actions that need to be taken in order to keep our county and lives safe. We are truly in the middle of "The Fight for our Lives", and only through decisive actions both on our governments part and well as ours can we win this war.
Bennett looks at The Fort Hood incident where there were many hints if not out right red flags which could have been as well as should have been actions taken in order to prevent the slaughter of many Americans.
Secondly there is a section on just How we got where we are today. There are more sections to this eye opening book if only we take the hard look. Could the Fort Hood tragedy been avoided? I believe it could have been, but as the reader of this wonderful book, can you make your own decisions.
"The Fight of our Lives", should be made a part of any library and I think that every American should read this book. You will be surprised at the things that you will learn by reading "The Fight of our Lives".
Thank you Mr. William J. Bennett for providing a catalyst for change in direction.

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