Monday, June 27, 2011

"Into My Father's Wake", by Eric Best

"Into My Father's Wake", by Eric Best, is a true story of a man's attempt at reconciling his deepest feelings about his father, while he is sailing solo 5,000 mile Pacific journey. This story begins with the purchase of a forty seven foot ketch, named Feo. Feo is a story in it's own right, as it has served it's former owner well. Throughout this journey, the reader can certainly feel like they are right along side the author as he attempts his first solo aboard the Feo. Each day and moment has been recorded here so as you read this memoir, you will feel taste and endure along with Best.

Throughout the book, there are hints and glimmering insights into the authors family life, especially when it comes to his father's appreciation for sailing and his hard taught lessons to his son. Along the way, the author comes to the realization of his father's love for him. There is also some interesting dilemmas which arise from time to time and this is where Feo takes over and sets the soloist on the right path or coordinates so to speak.

This story was very compelling throughout the first section of the book, entitled 'In the Path of My Fear'. However, this is where I had some difficulty. It appeared that the second part of the book became blurry as to what the author was trying to convey. It was disjointed and hard to follow, and this came abundantly clear especially in the last part of the book. To me. the second part of the book didn't flow with the first part, and this is too bad.

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