Thursday, June 9, 2011

"The Lady of Bolton Hill" by Elizabeth Camden

Gentlemen, don't let this cover fool you! This story is full of all kinds of adventure. There's industrial espionage, explosions, death and a story to boot. For the Ladies, there is also a love story and a story of commitment to family, life and love. Not only is this story a wonderful read, but there is also the message of Salvation wrapped up within the pages.

Daniel, Tremain is one of the main characters who has come from rags to riches in this story and his long lost friend and possible love of his life Clara Endicott a female journalist, is there to both support him and help him come to grips with his past and hopefully to see the error of his ways. Once you start to read this story, you will find it hard to put the book down as with each turn of the page, something new is exposed.

Will Daniel completely destroy his main competitor, or will there be a reconciliation between the two. Will Clara be able to help Daniel see his ways are or could find him in turmoil? Clara is hoping to tame this man (Daniel), and Daniel is struggling with his feelings of love towards Clara. Hopefully they will meet somewhere in the middle and live happily ever after, or is that what should happen?

A little history about Clara and Daniel. There were childhood friends, she from the better side of town where there was no want for anything, while Daniel came from the seeder side of town where everything had to be earned and usually the hard way. Daniel witnesses his father's death. Both Daniel and Clara have a love of music. You will have to read this story to find out just how the story develops and how it ends.

Elizabeth Camden has written and wonderful story and is to be commended for her outstanding work. Thank you so much Elizabeth Camden for this walk through history. I will certainly be looking for other stories by Camden.

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