Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"The Miracle of Mercy Land" by River Jordan

As she works for Doc Phillips at the local paper, Mercy Land does what is necessary to become indispensable. Then, early one morning, Mercy gets information about a huge story, the biggest she has ever worked on, but she can't print any of it. Mysterious things start happening like: Mercy meeting a man named John Quincy in her dreams (will he help or hinder her), a book floats in the window onto Doc's desk, words are constantly moving on the pages, and Mercy and Doc can see lives when their hands enter the book. What is this book of maps and how can it change lives? Why are Doc and Mercy involved? Will Mercy's past come back to haunt or help her? What is the miracle from the title? This book can definitely make the reader think about the choices he/she makes.

This book was a different genre for me. Normally I don't pick up books with a mystical theme, but this one was different. The characters and story line kept me interested and I wanted to know how the story would be resolved. I recommend it to anyone who wants an adventure in reading.

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