Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Screams and Whispers", by Randall Peffer

Thanks to FSB Media, for the opportunity and privilege of being allowed to read and review Randall Peffer's latest novel in his Cape Islands Novel series. "Screams and Whispers", by Randall Peffer, what a wonderful yet scary novel. Peffer has taken his thoughts and what appears to extensive research, and molded them together to provide us with a suspenseful story. This novel will keep the reader glued to the pages.
Tuki, one the main characters in this novel has in her possession a gem of great importance to it's home country in South East Asia. Wing-Lei, the Dragon Lady and self appointed person to take that precious gem away from Tuki and it's rightful owner, will not spare anything to get the gem, including kidnapping and murder. Tuki, knows of Wing-Lie's intentions and is running away from her love on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, some ten thousand miles away, from Vietnam. She does this to try and protect Michael Decastro, her lover and protector.
As Tuki's self appointed protector, Michael enlists the help of his father Ceasar Decastro a Vietnam vet. The senior DeCastro has many mixed feelings about returning a a country he left some forty years ago. He has many demons and nightmares of his time in country and is having a hard time in dealing with his son's request, but ultimately agrees to help him.
As a Vietnam vet myself, I found myself drawn to Ceasar Decastro's thoughts and feelings as he re-enters s world he has been trying to forget for forty years. The smells, tastes and scenes rekindle many emotions. Peffer has done a great job of telling this story and bringing the scenes alive in this reader/reviews mind.
From the moment you open this novel and start reading, you will not want to put it down. Follow Tuki, Michael, Ceasar and the other characters on this journey. You will not be disappointed with this story.
Thank you Randall Peffer for a GREAT read. "Screams and Whispers" is sure to be a Best Seller. Again, Thank you FSB Media for the opportunity to read and review this wonderful novel.

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