Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Earthen Vessels", by Matthew Lee Anderson

I'd like to thank Bethany House for the opportunity of reading and reviewing "Earthen Vessels", by Matthew Lee Anderson. This piece of literature points out exactly why our bodies matter to our faith, and Anderson uses both Scripture and common sense in his approach to explaining and educating the reader about our "Earthen Vessels", our bodies and Christ.
Man was formed from dust by God and He has used our bodies as His Vessel. It is what we as humans do with our bodies which effect our faith. As Anderson points out, we rarely think about our bodies when it comes to religion, but as he points out through Scripture, our faith is dependent upon how we treat our bodies.
Thank you Matthew Lee Anderson for providing the catalyst for the readers of this book, so that they can be more atoned to their faith and "Earthen Vessels". Our bodies do matter, when it comes to our faith. As you read this book, you may find yourself changing how you treat and protect your body, to further grow in faith and the presence of God. I would recommend this book to be part of any library.

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