Thursday, November 10, 2011

"40 Ways To Get Closer to God", by Jerry MacGregor

I'd like to thank Bethany House, for the opportunity to review "40 Ways to Get Closer to God", by Jerry MacGregor. this selection is a 40 day devotional designed to bring the reader to a closer relationship with God. However, don't think that you as the reader are going to get away with just reading the book.
As the title suggests, this book is broken into 40 sections. As you read each section, you will be challenged to then complete an assignment, before continuing on to the next section or chapter if you may. As an example I suggest Day One. ' At Your Service', is a section on service to God, and mankind in my humble opinion. MacGregor takes each section and explains through his knowledge and Scripture just what it means to follow God. As Christians, we cannot be lazy and think that God will provide, if we don't put our own effort into becoming better humans, and therefore better Christians.
In the section of one of the Challenges put forth to the reader, and I quote from page 13 of "40 Ways To Get Closer to God" - "Your challenge today is to serve someone in a practical way." this section continues on, on just how to accomplish the first challenge.
With the above in mind, don't think that this selection will be a quick read by any means, and in order to get the most out of this book is to complete each and every section and challenge. Thank you Jerry MacGregor and Bethany House for providing such a great devotional and learning tool to the Christian.

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