Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Average Joe" by Troy Meeder

I'd like to thank Blogging for Books for the opportunity to read and review "Average Joe", by Troy Meeder. Meeder takes the reader on a journey through literary experience of just how God uses the what may be called the run of the mill man, to further His Will. As the reader first opens this book, they will find themselves engrossed in how the author begins his story of what each of us thinks about how our lives should develop and grow, only to find that God has a purpose for each and every one of us.
As Meeder states in Chapter One, "God seems to have a special fondness for average Joes. Before they accomplished extraordinary deeds, normal guys like Gideon, David, Peter and Paul, went about their farming, sheep herding, fishing and tent making. Even Jesus, our Redeemer, Healer, and coming King, started out using a hammer and saw in a carpenter's shop."
Not every "Average Joe", will reach a notoriety of champion or recognition of note, but as Meeders explains, God is in control and He knows what He wants from each and every one of us. We need to be listening, so that we will know what His plan for us is.
Follow Meeder's story as he takes you through the hurdles in his life. You will not be disappointed at the outcome. What comes to my mind is the quote, "The Meek shall inherit the Earth." I can only say that the average Joe's of the earth represent the meek.
Here is an excerpt from Chapter Ten, entitled 'The Test.' - The Responsible Husband - The marriage relationship between a husband and wife is an earthly image of the church and Christ. Ephesians 5:32 says, "This is a great mystery, but marriage is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one." Within the context of marriage, no failure in a relationship is one-sided. It takes two. However, I strongly believe that the health of a marriage is directly related to the spiritual health and leadership of the husband, the 'pastor', of the home. When things go south, more often than not, it is because we husbands have failed to embrace our role in the manner God intended."
Thank you Troy for the above statement. Sometimes as husbands we forget our responsibilities.
This book also has a study guide at the end for further contemplation and reflection. Thank you again Troy Meeder for providing such an insightful book, and Thank You again to Blogging for Books for providing me the opportunity of reading such a wonderful book. This book can be added to any Christian Library and it also provides the tools for every man to serve God and his family.

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