Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Deadline", by Randy Alcorn

Jake Woods,  goes out  to pick up pizza with his best friends, Doc and Finney. On the way back, they crash and Jake finds himself hanging between his two friends, and between two opposite personalities. Doc, the "I'll Do it My Way" Guy and Finney, the man submitted to God. This story takes Jake from the ICU where he says good-bye to Finney, to an investigation into the under worlds where right and wrong are relative and no one knows anything for a certainty.  The reader is pulled between two opposites.  Heaven and Hell.  Jake  searches for the truth and tries to find meaning in a shifting values. 
Alcorn has several  messages for his readers and he doesn't pull any punches. This book tackles just about all of the issues in our society.   
All in all I found this story engaging and captivating.  The only down side I personally found was that it took a while to get to know the characters.   Finally, I'd like to say that "Deadline", by Jake Alcorn is sure to become a Best Seller.

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