Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ways To Help Improve Fuel Economy

At this time of year many people do most of the traveling, so I decided to post a few ways in which you may improve your fuel economy.

Drive Sensibly - Observe the speed limit, and use cruise control whenever possible. Avoid excessive idling. Potential fuel savings: 5 to 33%.

Check and Replace Air Filters
- Replacing air filters every 12,000 miles can improve fuel economy and help protect your engine. Potential fuel savings: up to 10%.

Keep your Engine Tuned
- Changing spark plugs, fixing faulty sensors, and maintaining your engine can improve your gas mileage. Potential fuel saving: up to 4%.

Keep tires properly inflated
- Under inflated tires can cause lower gas mileage. Follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Potential fuel savings: up to 3%.

Use proper Motor Oil
- The proper grade of motor oil along with changing the oil filter can improve fuel economy. Potential fuel savings: 1 to 2%.


  1. Mike, I know you recommend an oil change every 3000 mi or 3 mo-whichever comes first. However, I have only driven approx 2000 miles since last Dec and my car computer tells me I am still 70% okay and don't need maintenance. Would you still recommend an oil change even though I'm being told I'm not ready for one?

  2. Great tips Mike! I will pass them along to my husband - he is in charge of the cars. He used to do a lot more 'tune-up' type work himself but with more and more stuff attached to the car computer and the un-reachable location of items in the engine he does less tinkering.

  3. Thank you Cathy, I can understand where your husband is coming from, by not wanting to tinker around with the cars much anymore. They have become extremely complicated and as an Automotive Technician, I must continually keep up to date on service procedures and equipment. My suggestion to you is, if you don't have a mechanic/Auto Technician you can rely on and trust, ask around. Good news about mechanics/technicians travels fast, but the bad ones news travels faster.

    To Gail,
    Oil breaks down in its viscosity and protective abilities over both time and use. My suggestion to you is to get the oil changed. From my calculations, it's been 6 months since your last oil change or if you haven't had one yet, it is even more important that you do so. With new motor vehicles, very small metal shavings can become a big problem if the oil is not replaced. You are probably not in any danger yet, but Yes, your initial 3 months is up, and it's time for that oil change.

  4. Thanks Mike, I will probably do that!