Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The White Horse King: The Life of Alfred The Great

"The White Horse King" is a wonderfully scripted story of the most unlikely kink of England, Alfred The Great. This epic story takes place during the early times. That being prior to Alfreds' asention to the throne in A.D. 871. This story actually begins shortly after his birth and continues throughout his reign as King of England. Ironically, this is also the time in which the Norsemen, or Vikings as they are better known, were making inroads into England in their attempts to pillage and ransack the English coast and following the rivers into interior England. At the time of Alfreds' reign, England was not the unified nation it is today, but it was broken down into several provinces. Alfred was the king of Wessex, which was located in the south.
Benjamin Merkle, the author of this fine story has shown that he spared no expense in time while researching the life of Alfred The Great. Thank you so much, Mr. Merkle, for your attention to detail.
Alfred The Great was a firm and devout believer of and in God, and you can see and feel this belief, throughout the story. He also knew that God was the only way for his kingdom to survive. The Vikings on the other hand, were a paganistic people, with no use for God. They had rather depended on their own devices and worshiped molden images of wood, gold and silver. The Vikings had no use for anyone or anything except to conquer and control everything and everyone, in their path.
When you start to read "The White Horse King", you will not want to put the book down, but let me assure you, that you will want to make notes to conduct further research on your own, to learn more about these times and this man. What I found interesting, is that upon reading this story, I found that you never know where your life of situation is going to take you, and as long as you have God in your life, you should have no fear. God will provide.
As you continue on the journey of this book, you will be shown countless battles that Alfred fights and prior to and with each of those battles, he consults God through prayer for guidance. We should all take a lesson from Alfred and his life with God. We all could learn from Alfred and the picture he paints both prior to becoming king and throughout his reign. He truly rallies England in their fight for existence. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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