Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Every Body Matters" by Gary Thomas

"Every Body Matters", by Gary Thomas is what I would consider a Study Guide as well as a Physical Fitness Guide to maintaining the proper physical body in order for you individual body to maintain the spiritual goal which we all need for our souls. By doing so, we will only be better to live our lives in the manner God has intended us to live.
I must say that before starting "Every Body Matters", I didn't give much thought to how my physical abilities impacted my spiritual fitness. As the cover states, 'Strengthening Your Body to Strengthen You Soul'.
God created out bodies as temples, in His own image. What right do we have to destroy that temple by our negligence of our body. Thomas explains in clear and concise words how when our bodies are neglected through lack of exercise, poor diet and the such, that our physical body does not have the strength to maintain and strengthen our Soul. I must say that I hadn't thought about it like that previously. As far as the strength of our soul, if you think about it, without a clear and strong soul, we are unable to strive to maintain our physical bodies, which in turn will affect our lives all the way around.
Thomas also reminds us that our bodies are not our own. They belong to God and it is our responsibility to maintain them in order to do His work. Thank you Gary Thomas for writing such a thought provoking and knowledgeable guide. You have certainly opened my eyes and have also provided a catalyst for me to strengthen my body, in order to assist me in growing as a Christian. I'd also like to thank for the opportunity to read and review this vital piece of advice.

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