Sunday, February 19, 2012

"The Coming Revolution", by Dr. Richard G. Lee

A new Revolution is coming. That is what you will read when you open this piece of literature, entitled "The Coming Revolution", by Dr. Richard G. Lee. And yes I agree that there is something about to happen in this great country of ours.
Way too long now, our country has been going down a path or might I say a "slippery slope", and if we as a nation don't do something, we will be finding ourselves in turmoil. That is if we are not there already.
"The Coming Revolution" is an extremely well researched and written document, which gives plan factual information which shows just how our country, The United States of America, was founded, and exactly by which principles our Founding Fathers worked so diligently.
Dr. Lee, takes the reader from how this land was settled, and also gives direct history of the shaping of America. As you read this selection, you will find yourself thoroughly engrossed in the dialogue and you will find it hard to disagree with what the author is telling us. This is because he has taken the time to research everything he has written in the book.
Does "The Coming Revolution" mean there will be fighting in our great country? Hopefully not of a physical nature, but, we as Americans can change the direction we are headed in, by learning about what is going on, making our voices heard, and by utilizing our votes in order to produce the change which we desire. Dr. Lee, emphasizes that by sitting back and letting someone else do the work, is not going to work any longer. We all need to step up and be responsible for our country.
"The Coming Revolution", by Dr. Richard G. Lee, is a sure way to learn, so that we are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of our past.
Here is an excerpt from one section of the book: This comes from the section 'The Pathway to Victory' and deals on how to prepare for the Revolution:
"First: We Must Prepare Personally
"Second: We Must Partner with Others"
"Third: We Must Learn The Process"
"Fourth: We Must Participate In The Arena"
"Fifth: We Must Proclaim The Truth"
"Finally: We Must Persevere Until We Prevail"

I'm sure that anyone who picks up this book will be enlightened and moved into action. I know I have been. Thank you goes out to Thomas Nelson Publishing and Book Sneeze for giving me the opportunity of both reading and reviewing the book. I'd also like to thank Dr. Richard G. Lee for providing the information and catalyst for reform and action.

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