Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Everyday Greatness" by Stephen Covey

This is a wonderfully compiled book of stories with inspiration and everyday development, which borders on, if not compels us, to think about our paths in life. “Everyday Greatness” is that collection of awe-inspiring stories, some from some famous people, but for the most part, they are the stories of the common person like me. Stephen Covey, has done a wonderful job of bring the best together and putting it out there for everyone to have the opportunity to read.
This is not the type of book that you will want to pick up and read all the way through, without stopping. It is a collection of stories, some heart rendering, but always inspiring. A reflection section and some simple questions the reader should ask themselves follow each section. These reflections give the reader the opportunity to look within himself or herself, to evaluate and correct ways in which he or she thinks and acts.
While reading these wonderfully inspiring stories, I found myself stopping and thinking about the ways I look at things and life. It made me think about how I look at life and the little things that I can do, to help or give a person a boost in their and my everyday life’s hurdles.
I highly recommend this collection to any and everyone. You will not be sorry and possibly, you too can make a difference in someone’s life and most certainly your life as well.

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