Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gripping Tale - Under This Unbroken Sky, Shandi Mitchell

Posted 08/30/09: Under This Unbroken Sky, by Shandi Mitchell, is a gripping story about a family from Ukrainia that has migrated to Canada. This family goes through terrible times, first because Teodore goes to prison for stealing his own grain. Maria, Teodore's wife and the mother of his children holds the family together and also keeps Teodore's sister, Anna from collapsing emotionally. I found this story spell binding, but at the same time felt some of the descriptions exceptionally long and graphic. Overall, Shandi is a wonderful documentarian, and she definitely has done her research while compiling and writing this story. She also knows how to keep the reader interested and waiting to see what is going to happen to this family next. A good read for those who enjoy history.

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  1. I'm am a little behind on my blog reading - and haven't seen your review ubtil today.

    I agree that Shandi is an author to watch. I found the story enjoyable even though there were graphic situations. Her characters were quite memorable and haunting.