Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Fearless" by Max Lucado

"Fearless", by Max Lucado, grabs the reader right from the start. He utilizes Scripture along with common sense to guide the reader through everyday fears. This study guide allows the reader to face their fears head on knowing that God is there to protect and remove all fears. As the book cover states, " Imagine Your Life Without Fear." Each chapter and section is written with specific fears or circumstances which are confronted each and every day. "Fearless" allows the reader to look to God and recognize that our fears are nothing to be afraid of.
As I read each section I tried to picture myself in each scenario facing the situation and allowing the Scripture passages to sink in and calm the internal storms of my fears. Lucado, uses his literary expertise to its fullest. Not every one can use Biblical Scripture and the disciples in what could have been some rather interesting and maybe comical circumstances, as they followed and learned from Christ. They learned first hand yet as the book shows, they had their fears as well.
What I learned from the book, is that fear is within everyone, and once you realize it, you can then turn those fears into seas of calmness. How many times have each of us gone into a situation which we felt we could not or were not able to control. Our fears overtake us, and we freeze up or completely break down. "Fearless" is that guide which allows us to face our fears in any situation. It breaks down the fear into easily understandable passages and Lucado uses the Bible to illustrate those fears. Further, this book has taught me that anything and everything is possible once we give ourselves over completely the God. God is our salvation and in Him I will rest. Faith conquers all fear
"Fearless" is a wonderful study guide and I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt fear and anyone who is looking for guidance direction in their lives.


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