Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Called to Worship" by Vernon M. Whaley

“Called To Worship”, by Vernon M. Whaley, is an essential for any Christian Library. This wonderfully scripted inspirational book is the inspirational book for all inspirational books. Whaley, take Scripture and uses it to explain worship. He breaks down the Bible into easy to understand terms, allowing the reader to understand and gain understanding through God’s Word. God wants us to worship Him through true worship. Whaley uses this knowledge of the Bible to help the reader learn how to effectively and affectively worship.
This book is broken down into three parts: Old Testament Principle of Worship, where we learn from those who lived and loved God with blind faith. We see the errors in our ways through these stories from the Bible, so that we can hopefully not make the same mistakes. We also learn that many in the Bible even seeing the miracles God showed, took Him for granted and fell victim to false worship. God shows that He loves us and wants us to worship Him with all our hearts.
Part II deals with New Testament Principles of Worship, where we see how the Gospels are used to teach us and keep us faithful in our worship. Finally Part III deals with Worship in Heaven, the perfect worship.
As I opened this book and started reading the Forward, I felt a connection and ever holding feeling come over me. I felt this book was going to be somehow different. Called To Worship does just that . It calls us to worship God in its truest form. Only by our use of the Bible can we gain a better understanding of exactly how to worship correctly. His Word is there for us to read and learn from, so let’s make it a point to worship correctly. Whaley uses his experiences along with scripture to captivate the reader and acknowledges that each of us needs to find his or her own personal way to worship fully and wholeheartedly. This book keeps the reader captivated throughout.
I highly recommend this book for inclusion in every library. It’s a wonderful study guide and can and should be used in conjunction with the Bible for any study of worship.


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