Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Postmistress - A Captivating Story

"The Postmistress", by Sarah Blake, is a wonderfully captivating story which winds it's way into your thoughts. The characters are so vivid and real that you have to step back and make sure you yourself are not right there. Ms. Blake's writing style keeps you on the edge of your seat, by painting a picture through her story. This novel based on World War II prior to the United States entrance brings the war home as well as another story of the people of Franklin, Massachusetts and a War Correspondent, Frankie Bard, who is connected to Franklin, quite by accident, after she meets Will Fitch, a doctor from Franklin as he attempts to help in London, England during the Blitz. Sarah Blake as a bright future as an author, and you can expect to find her on the Best Seller List in the near future. Bravo!!!

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