Sunday, March 28, 2010

66 Love Letters, Dr. Larry Crabb

"From God To You, 66 Love Letters" by Dr. Larry Crabb, is truly just that, a collection of Love Letters from God to you. Dr. Larry Crabb has taken each of the 66 Books of the Bible, and broken them down into easily understandable text, so that the lay person can fully understand exactly what God is saying to us through His story. Starting with Genesis and continuing on through Revelation, each book in broken down into a Love Letter as though God is speaking directly to you as you read it. In fact, I'm sure God is right there with you and me, as we read and realize what is meant in each and every letter. If you have ever taken on the right to read the Bible, as I have and do, this wonderful collection is a great study tool that will enhance and should be in every Christen library. I am currently re-reading the Bible in chronological order, and when I find something I haven't or don't understand, "66 Love Letters", makes it clear. An excerpt from the book states "Learn To Hate Sin More Than Suffering." This comes from Love Letter Six: Joshua. In this letter God is explaining the battles we must fight within ourselves so that we conquer everything that opposes God within us. The entire book gives the reader the opportunity to get things right with God. The previous statement is just one example of what you'll find when reading "66 Love Letter." Are you someone who has accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior? By reading these Love Letters you can gain the understanding of each of the 66 Books of the Bible, and that can only mean that each of us can get closer to God. This collection could also be a tool for helping to bring someone else closer to God and possibly allow them to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Now wouldn't that be wonderful? Dr. Larry Crabb has done a spectacular job of breaking things down and I for one applaud his efforts. Bravo Dr. Crabb, and thank you.

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