Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Poacher's Son

The Poacher's Son is an epic tail of mystery and intrigue. Doiron is a wonderful author who knows how to capture the attention of the reader while weaving a storyline with lots of twists and turns, not to forget to mention the mystery following the murder of a Deputy Sheriff and that of a land grabbing official, bent on taking the forest for development. The story begins with Mike Bowditch a Maine Warden dealing with the theft of a pig by a bear in the Maine Forest. Mike Bowditch is relatively new to the Warden Service, so he depends on his immediate supervisor Kathy Frost to assist him in tracking the bear. When Mike's father is blamed for the murders, Mike is caught in a cross fire of his duty to the law enforcement community and his wanting to believe that his father had nothing to do with the murders. Doiron has quite a cast of characters in his first novel. There's Jack Bowditch, Russ Pelletier, owner of a Sporting Camp, Truman Dellis, a strange man, known for poaching and being on the shady side of the law. Then there's Brenda Dellis, the daughter of Truman Dellis and the girlfriend of Jack Bowditch. There''s also a retired Warden by the name of Charlie. Each of these characters has a motive for the murders, and you don't know which way this story is going to lead. The story is set in the Maine forests and Doiron has painted a wonderful picture which allows the reader to feel as though they are right there in the midst of the story. This story is a must read for anyone interested in a good mystery from an author with great potential as a first rate and best selling author. Bravo to Paul Doiron on his first works. This novel should be in everyone's permanent library.

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