Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Lift Up My Soul, Charles F. Stanley

What a wonderful way to reflect on God's Word. This devotional is well written and full of words of wisdom from God Himself. Charles F. Stanley, has taken God's Word through Scripture and broken each though for the Soul so to refresh the Believer. As you open to the first day of devotions, you will find the appropriate Scripture for reading. As you read the scripture, you will get a warm feeling which can sooth your soul and entire being. If you start your day with Charles Stanley's "I Lift Up My Soul", you can only have peace of mind and righteousness of heart. Thank you to Dr. Stanley for his understanding of the Scriptures and breaking them down in easy to understand devotionals for each and every one of us. This devotional is and will be used each and every day, as a start to the day.

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