Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heaven Is For Real,

I've had the pleasure of listening to the Audio version of Todd Burpo's "Heaven Is For Real". This story is narrated and explained through the eyes of a young boy, at an age, when he would not have had the opportunity to have his head filled with anyone else's thoughts about Heaven and God. This story starts off with the young Colton Burpo, the authors son, is stricken ill when his appendix bursts and is mis-diagnosed for a short period of time. During the tragedy, Colton is being filled internally by the poisons that came about by the burst appendix and ends up having to be operated on, in an emergency situation. Without the surgery, he is sure to die. Following the surgery and ensuing recovery, Colton relates many things about his family, some he never has met and would not known any particulars about. He speaks of Heaven as if he has been there, and his father, Pastor Todd Burpo, is astounded by the detail in which Colton relates his visions and knowledge of things he would not have otherwise been privy. Many times he (Colton surprises his family by coming up with a number of different situations, which cannot be explained by his family or the Doctors. Did Colton die for a short period of time on the Operating Table? The Doctors and surgical staff never said that he had lost his pulse or heart beat throughout the surgery, but how else would Colton know so much. This Audio recording is wonderfully narrated, I believe by the Author, Todd Burpo and the different inflections of voice and tone, brings the listener/reader right into the story. Another question which comes to mind, is this, - Would God take a child like Colton to heaven, even briefly, and then return him to his family? Only you can decide that for yourself. Whether this is a true story or not, I can't say, but what a wonderful hope that God has done this with Colton and then allow his father to write such a glorious story. This story covers a time span of seven years. Colton was 4 when he had the emergency appendectomy, and from that point on through the age of eleven, Colton reveals numerous unknowns and miracles. Thank you Pastor Burpo for this story, and sharing it with us.

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  1. What a great story; Thanks for the review, Mike!