Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have just had the wonderful opportunity to read a fictional novel, entitled "Hostile Intent", by Michael Walsh. This gripping tale of terror and espionage spans the United States, London and France, as well as being a world wide threat. Devlin one of the stories main characters is a member of an elite branch known as Branch 4. This branch is unknown to everyone, including the President of the United States. the story starts with an apparent hostage taking in a small mid western town where a group of men or maybe, just one man plots to take school children hostage, while plotting to expose another man. Families are torn and are willing to do anything to save their childrens lives. Next there is a bombing on the West Coast, followed by another event in Europe. All of these events are a plot to entice our main character into exposing himself. Devlin is also learning more about his own life and past whle dealing with all that is going on around him. This story is gripping and hard to put down, once the reader starts with the first page of the novel. Bravo to Michael Walsh for his attention to detail and superb writing ability. This novel is bound to be a Top Seller and on the Best Sellers List.

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