Thursday, December 23, 2010

Three Seconds, Roslund & Hellstrom

I have just finished reading a Crime Suspense novel entitled "Three Seconds", by Swedish authors Roslund & Hellstrom. This novel takes place in Sweden and involves the Police using criminals to infiltrate various factions, such as the various Mafias in the area. The main charactor, Piet Hoffmann (aka) Paula, is being handled by a police officer by the name of Wilson. They are trying to infiltrate the Polish mafia and take over the Drug trade in the prisons. Piet, is going to go to prison as an informant to take out the Polish Mafia's drug business.

The story is good, however, it takes a couple of hundred pages to develop. The entire first part of the story is devoted to character development, and even then the reader is not quite sure who is who, and what is actually going on. From Part 2 on, the story takes off and you as the reader find yourself playing detective. The main character for the police is a older Detective by the name of Ewert Grens. He is methodical in his approach and reminds me of the old Columbo series on television. Grens does not give up when he is faced with trying to interview Hoffmann, and then after a siege at the prison, Grens is put in charge of the scene when Piet Hoffmann, takes hostages. Grens also is dealing with other issues in his life, such as the loss of his wife. Between the loss of his wife and the current situation with an infiltrator/criminal, Grens is relentless.

Piet Hoffmann, is also dealing with leaving his wife Zofia and his two children. He is tornbut feels that he must act according to what his police handler is asking him to do. All in all, this story is very good, with what I considered an unexpected finale.

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