Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Picture yourself on a small island thousands of miles from home.  Now picture yourself as a U.S. Marine or any other Soldier or Sailor, and you are facing and relentless enemy in the time of war.  That is exactly what will happen to you as you read Jeff Shaara's novel "The Final Storm".  As soon as you open this book, you will become completely and thoroughly engrossed in the story.  
  Shaara has chosen only a few main characters for his novel, but these characters tell the whole story of the war in the Pacific.  There's Adams, a Private in the Marines, who must deal with the ever present danger from the Japanese soldiers defending Okinawa.  He must deal with his own fears as well as too be able to function in the face of the enemy.  Then there's Admiral Nimitz, a man who is dealing with the other Commanders in the Pacific, as he deals with the complexities of the many personalities of each.  
  Then there is Tibbets a pilot of a B-29.  He is involved in a very Top Secret mission.  Not even his crew knows the full impact of their training or the full depth of it's meaning.  And then the Truman, yes the President of the United States of America.  He's trying to keep in touch with his forces and on top of all the information the Commander-In-Chief must contend with during War.  
  As I read this novel, I could almost smell the smells and visualize the battles and skirmishes as they occurred.  Jeff Shaara has done a wonderful job of researching and writing this novel.  If you have never read anything by Shaara, before, you will be hooked on his writing style and knowledge once you start to read "The Final Storm".  
  Bravo to this work of art.  Shaara is a one of a kind author and "The Final Storm", is a one of a kind novel.

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