Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adam Brown was we know as a hero.  Mind you, he nor any other of our fine military would consider what they do as heroic, but in my eyes, Adam Brown is just one more hero.  "Fearless", by Eric Blehm, is the story of this incredible American who fought and died for his country.  
  Adam Brown was just another regular young man who always had a reputation for working hard and playing just as hard.  When he decided to join the U.S. Navy, he also decided that he would work hard and attain the most out of his decision.  He opted to become a U. S. Navy Seal.  Once accepted into the training, he dedicated his life to first of all completing the rigorous training, while marrying his longtime sweetheart and starting a family.  Kelly, his wife, was also a rock.  Adam had many issues which Kelly helped him through, some difficult times.  Drugs and Alcohol played a dangerous role in Adam's life for a time, but through God's help and Kelly's persistence, Adam was able to fight off his addictions and became a Operator with the famed Navy Seal Team Six.  
  Follow Adam through the eyes and writings of Eric Blehm in this true story of this wonderful and courageous man by the name of Adam Brown.  "Fearless" is the most appropriate title for this novel of courage and sacrifice.  You will not be disappointed.  I'd like to thank WaterBrook Press for the opportunity to read and review this story.  "Fearless", by Eric Blehm, is sure to inspire the reader.

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