Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Resurrect" by David E. Stevens

A United States Navy Test Pilot has crashed.  When he awakens, he is in a hospital with the memory of the flight and all that led up to it.  Then there's his wife.  He is not sure where he is other that in a hospital.  While awaiting his consciousness, he clearly remembers speaking with a person called Jesse.  Jesse, has instructed Josh regarding the coming end of the world, or at least the end of the world as we know it.  

  "Resurrect", by David E. Stevens, is a captivating novel.  The author's talents in writing brings the reader right into the story, and grabs a hold.  You as the reader will not be let go until you turn the last page of this novel.  

  Josh Logan is charged with saving the world.  How is he to do such thing when he has been told by Jesse, that the world will be changed/ended in two years.  How does one man do such a overwelming task.  
 While in the hospital he befriends a nurse who has been taking care of him for some time.  When Josh awakens, he finds out that he has been transported in time.  He was found on the side of the road, stark naked and with no idea where he is.  He hears voices in his head telling him about the plight that the world is in and how he is to save the world.  What Josh so vividly remembers is how he fought to keep his burning crashing fighter jet from going down in a neighborhood.  He last thoughts are about his wife and the innocent civilians below.  
 Oh by the way.  When Josh awakes he does not look anything like he did a year ago.  This fact alone makes Josh wonder if he is going crazy or if in fact Jesse, is trying to tell him, being Josh, that he is the one to save the world.  Josh knows that he can not do the task alone and must enlist others to assist him.  He remembers his Navy associates who can help, but how does he get to them?  Let alone convince them to help him.  

  I would rate this novel a 5 out of 5 Stars.  It is a compelling novel which will leave the reader in awe.  I'd like to take this opportunity the thank Litfuse and David Stevens, for allowing me to read and review this novel.  I'ts sure to become a Best Seller.  Christians and all Book Lovers will find the book both captivating and uplifting.  

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