Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Understand Theology in 15 Minutes a Day",by Daryl Aaron

This exceptional book takes Theology and the Bible and through the help of Daryl Aaron, makes Theology understandable.  First of all, we as readers expect theology to be difficult. , when in fact, if we take Scripture, and study, I mean really study it, it will become understandable.  It like making sense of the teachings of Jesus Christ and brings them down to every day understandability.
  "Understanding Theology in 15 Minutes a Day", by Daryl Aaron, is broken down into 40 sections which can be picked by the reader, for closer study, or the reader can do as I did, and read each section and study the scriptures indicated in each.  I found myself spending more time each day reading and studying than the designated 15 minutes, but I found it worth it.  Thank you Daryl Aaron for compiling such a wonderful study.  I'd like to thank Bethany House Publishing for giving my the opportunity to read/study and review this selection.  It is sure to become a must for the Christian Library.

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