Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"The Skies Belong to Us", by Brendan I. Koerner

The Skies Belong to Us", by Brendan I. Koerner, is the story of the one of the most turbulent times.  This time period involved the Viet Nam War and also at that time Sky Jackings were common place.  During this period, you could hear about at least one sky jacking every week.  This story is about just one of the most famous.  
  These highjacking instances were not like the highjacking of the planes that crashed in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon or the field in Pennsylvania, where total destruction and murder were the goals.  This story is about the two people responsible for the high jacking of Western Airlines Flight 701.  The story also includes relevent information about the two main characters involed in the high jacking, Roger Holder a U.S. Army Veteran and combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and a little known party girl by the name of Cathy Kerkow.  
  Koerner, has taken great strides in patience and research to bring this time into written form so that the reader can both gain knowledge of the time and maybe for those of us who lived through those times, a reminder of how fragile time and space is.  
  I'd like to take this time to thank Broadway Books and Blogging for Books, as well as Brendan I. Koerner for the opportunity to both read and review "The Skies Belong to Us."  It is surely as the back jacket states, "A gripping portrait of a chaotic time."

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