Thursday, July 10, 2014

Where The Wind Leads, by Vinh Chung

"Where The Wind Leads", by Vinh Chung is a touching story of loss and redemption.  This piece of literature takes the reader from the a war torn Viet Nam and shows the progression of one family, the Chung's.  As told by one of the Chung children, ou will be transported to Viet Nam where you will be forced to leave your country and by doing so, you will become one of the Boat People or refugees, that so many have complained about for so long. 
Vinh Chung, gives us an indepth picture of his family and what it was like growing up in Viet Nam and hen being removed and relocated from the only home he ever knew.  Along the way on this journey, Vinh's father and eventually his mother and I'm guessing from the read Christ comes into their lives and I believe that each of hem asked Christ into their hearts.  
  It's amazing just how God works in our lives and how  He worked in the lives of those stranded in the South China Sea, away from people and places that wanted nothing to do wit those Boat People.  
  This is a story of faith courage and determination that needed to be told.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Thomas Nelson Publishing/BookLook for the privalege of both reading and reviewing tis telling story.  This may be one of he rags to riches stories, that could have only happened through faith and determination.  The Chung family showed us just how their faith in God saw them through the roughest of times. 

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